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Lean Innovation Lean Development Lean Startup Disrupting the status quo without risking everything. By DiamondHead Strategies

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Stop wasting time and money building businesses and products that people won't buy. Learn how to build a business, innovate and launch new products the LEAN way.


  • 1. LeanInnovation Lean Development Lean Startup
    Disrupting the status quo without risking everything.
    By DiamondHead Strategies

2. Have an idea?
3. How good is it?
4. I mean bet the farm good?
5. You know, million dollar good?(Scalable?)
6. Billion dollar good?
7. You could make a business plan.
8. Do the market research
9. Create the product
10. What if nobody wants it?
11. Because thats what usually happens90% of the time.
12. What do you mean nobody wants my product?!!
13. I made a 60 page business plan
14. I did the market research to find out what people wanted.
15. Besides, it cost an arm and a leg to make this thing.
16. Business plans are just guesses
They become outdated at first contact with a real customer.
17. And market research? a vague idea based on surveys.
18. If Henry Ford had done market research his customers would have said they wanted a faster horse.
19. Companies fail because they spend a lot of time and moneybuilding stuff nobody wants.
20. They build stuff based on guesses.
21. STOP it.
22. Stop wasting money
23. Stop wastingtime.
24. Stop wasting your dreams.
25. Theres another way to do this.
26. A betterway
27. Its called LEAN
28. Manufacturing has been using it for years.
29. Only here, we apply it to new products, start ups and innovation.
30. To save lots of time and piles of money.
31. Lean means only doing what matters and getting rid of the rest.
32. HOW?
33. Learn & Discover first, fast and cheap.
34. To preserve cash and learn as fast as possible. To answer
35. just how good is thisidea?
36. Q: How do I innovate my idea so that millions of people actually want it?
37. What we need is a systema LEAN systemfast, cheap and that works.
38. A system that rapidly generates innovative business models
39. and rapidly tests themcheaply.
40. It exists.
41. Heres the view from 40,000 feet
42. Ingredient 1: Ideas
IDEA Stream
43. Ingredient 2: Something to test
Minimum viable product
44. Ingredient 3: Rapid & Cheap testing
Test the product on the cheap
45. Ingredient 4: Draw some conclusions
Learn & Discover
46. Ingredient 5: Innovate
The Faster the better
Speed means efficiency
48. Repeat untilescape velocity (an idea so good customers will knock your doors down)
Escape Velocity
Adapted IDEA
The Pivot
A system to find Escape Velocity: Innovation perfected.
49. FASTAGILE innovation that promises results.
IDEA Stream
Agile Innovation
Build Minimum viable product
The Pivot
TEST the product cheaply
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