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Social Media 18 What we do ?

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Presentation helps and explains you how to use Social Media to your advantage, it answers your basic question of what is social media marketing, it also explains you how to enable and strengthen relationships while Marketing Social Media. Marketing with social media happens best and in your favour when you have right social media strategy. There are 1000 social networking sites across Internet, which social network will benefit is the question, media social don't go hand in hand they are diffrent. Social Marketing Media & Social Media in Marketing is no diffrent than Social Media for Marketing, its time that we focus beyond ROI and CTR's, its time that we understand people dont trust advertisement, people trust people. Its time that we redifine the ways of marketing and focus on engagements and interaction in a nutshel "Conversation is the new marketing"


Page 1: Marketing Social Media

Social Media 18What we do ?

Page 2: Marketing Social Media

Who are we ?

Our company is group of young, talented & passionate

people and we love “Socializing”.

Page 3: Marketing Social Media

What do we do ?We help brands in developing better strategy for

Social Media & Search Marketing

Page 4: Marketing Social Media

Will your brand need a Social Media Strategy ?

Page 5: Marketing Social Media

Reasons to be there,

1. Half of the Internet world is on Social Media

2 Billion Internet users in World.

1 Billion are on Social Media

Page 6: Marketing Social Media

Reasons to be there,

2. Relationships are getting stronger than marketing.

People Don’t Trust AdvertisementsPeople Trust People

Page 7: Marketing Social Media

Reasons to be there,

3. People can create your brand.

Page 8: Marketing Social Media

Reasons to be there,

3. People can destroy your brand

Page 9: Marketing Social Media

Our Role | Marketing

Striking conversation with your customer on your behalf, that helps creating your brand

Page 10: Marketing Social Media

Communication ProcessPlanning1. Creating Social Media Accounts2. Designing Tabs/Landing Page.3. Content Creation. 4. Preparing Short Term & Long Term Engagement StrategyExecution1. Forum Participation & Conversation with TG. 2. Execution of regular planned activities.

Page 11: Marketing Social Media

Listening to what your customers talk about you, And managing your Online Reputation

Our Role | Monitoring

Page 12: Marketing Social Media

Monitoring Process

Planning1. Understanding the brand & its requirement. 2. Creating Buckets. 3. Identifying set of platforms, websites, groups, forums & blogs. 4. Creating SIM Score Structure. Execution1. Finding out the relevant conversations using world class tools. 2. Classifying & Organizing the obtained results. 3. Reporting & SIM Score Analysis.

Page 13: Marketing Social Media

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