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Presentation on social media marketing for the Abbey Road Leadership Academy at Stanford University


  • 1.Speaker:
    Rachel Melia
    Online Marketing Consultant
    Social Media MarketingAbbey Road Leadership Academy8/8/11

2. Rachels Background
14+ years online marketing experience
Mostly at SF ad agencies on clients including Kodak Mobile (part of Kodak Gallery), Macromedia, Microsoft, Palm, Tivo, Electronic Arts, Veronica Mars
4 years as Online Marketing Consultant
Current emphasis on social media marketing and Facebook marketing
3. Agenda
Overview of social media marketing
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
Bonus: Geo-Location
4. Introductions
5. Introductions
Where from
Which social media use personally - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, Foursquare, Yelp, Google+, etc.
6. Social Media Marketing Overview
7. Definition
Marketing used to be one-way..
now marketing is two-way
Wikipedia defines social media as: use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue (Hubspot)
8. 8
9. Statistics
Social media accounts for approx. 25% of all time spent online, over 35 minutes/hour (Nielsen)
46% of internet users worldwide interact with social media on a daily basis (TNS)
96% of 18-35 year olds are on a social network (GlobalMagic)
Top 10 networks make up nearly 80% of social media website traffic (Comscore)
10. Statistics
For marketers..
25% of search results for the worlds top 20 largest brands are links to user-generated content (GlobalMagic)
78% of consumers trust peer recommendations (GlobalMagic)
25% of social media users are more likely to look into a brand advertising on social media (Adology)
79% of consumers have joined a companys community to get more information on the company (Universal McCann)
71% of community members say they are more likely to purchase from a brand (Universal McCann)
66% of company community members note that the community has made them more loyal to the brand (Universal McCann)
64% of Facebook users have liked a brand on Facebook (ExactTarget)
$4.26 billion will be spent on social media marketing globally in 2011 (Adology)
11. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
12. Facebook
Facebook has over 600 million users, up 40% since last year (GlobalMagic)
70% of Facebook users log in once a day (Ogilvy & BuddyMedia)
#2 trafficked website in the world, behind Google (Alexa)
By 2012, half of the worlds internet users, 1 billion people, will have a Facebook account (Time)
The average Facebook user is connected to 80 pages, groups, & events (Facebook)
Every month, more than 250 million people engage with Facebook on external websites (Facebook)
There are more than 200 million users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices
Facebook is like a mall (a large and popular one), everyone is there
13. Facebook
Marketing Opportunities
Build community of fans of your product
Remain top of mind
Share promotions and discounts
Increase awareness
Gain product feedback
Answer customer questions
Starbucks has a community of 24 million fans passionate about coffee
14. Facebook
Best Practices
Create business page
Provide valuable information (not salesy)
Post approx. 1x/day (more or less ok but remain valuable and dont annoy)
Try for comments/Likes in order to show up in newsfeed
Create a Welcome Tab to increase conversion to Like
Facebook ads and contests work well in order to grow page Likes
Tech Lighting has a community of almost 1,500 design professionals and enthusiasts they share information about their high end light fixtures
15. Twitter
There are more than 175 million Twitter users (Econsultancy)
17% of US online consumers have created a Twitter account (ExactTarget)
48% of Twitter users check their account at least once a day (ExactTarget)
There are 95 million tweets/day (Econsultancy)
Twitter has far fewer users than Facebook, but many are very influential
16. Twitter
Marketing Opportunities
Possible to build very large following
Remain top of mind with customers
Increase awareness
Display thought leadership and expertise
Reach bloggers and journalists
Provide customer support
17. Twitter
Best Practices
Share valuable information
Respond to mentions and retweet others content
Use relevant hashtags
Twitter is like a 24hr news channel.. Tweet many times/day (5-10+) to be heard
18. LinkedIn
LinkedIn has over 100 million users, up 100% since last year (Econsultancy)
There were 2 billion people searches on LinkedIn in 2010 (LinkedIn)
39% of LinkedIn users make over $100k (LinkedIn)
74% of LinkedIn users have a college degree or better, with 26% having a graduate degree (LinkedIn)
More than 2 million companies have LinkedIn company pages (LinkedIn)
LinkedIn is the Facebook of business
19. LinkedIn
Marketing Opportunities - Individuals
Online resume
Best Practices - Individuals
Create complete profile education, work experience, recommendations, blog feed, tweets, etc.
Marketing Opportunities Companies
Business profile provide company information
Group forum for discussions
Best Practices Companies
Populate a business profile services, job openings, etc.
20. YouTube
YouTube has 300 million users (GlobalMagic)
50% of YouTubes users visit at least once a week (GlobalMagic)
Over 3 billion videos are viewed a day (YouTube)
48 hours of video are uploaded every minute, resulting in nearly 8 years of content uploaded every day (YouTube)
70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US (YouTube)
YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web (GlobalMagic)
150 years of YouTube video are watched every day on Facebook and every minute more than 500 tweets contain YouTube links (YouTube)
Video is very popular on YouTube and off, and not to be ignored
21. YouTube
Marketing Opportunities
Create content for other social networks
Longer video format allows for detailed explanation of products/services
SEO friendly
Possibility of video going viral
Best Practices
Create company channel
Keep to under 3 minutes
Experiment with different types
of videos
22. Blogging
23. Blogging
77% of internet users read blogs (Universal McCann)
29% of all bloggers come from US (Technorati)
53% of professional bloggers are interested in attracting new clients or creating sales (Technorati)
56% say that their blog has helped their company establish a positioning as a thought leader within the industry (Technorati)
Blogging is a great platform for creating content that positions company as a thought leader, to syndicate to social media, and is SEO friendly
24. Blogging
Marketing Opportunities
Create content for other social networks
Position as thought leader or expert
Regularly updated content is highly SEO friendly
Communicate with readers
Best Practices
Publish articles 3+ times a week for SEO
Write casually
Include images
Use SEO best practices
Mix up format (top 10, how tos, etc.)
25. Bonus: Geo-Location
26. Geo-Location
40 million+ have checked in using a geo-location service, more than 30 million on Facebook Places (SM Examiner)
30% with smart-phones say that privacy concerns prevent them from sharing their location on digital devices (SM Examiner)
Why consumers use geolocation apps: 41% connections to other people I know or could meet, finding a place liked by people I trust, 17% insight about my travel or movement over time, 8% savings in discounts or merchant rewards, 6% practical knowledge of a new technology, 4% achieving activity milestones in a game (White Horse Geolocation Service)
Effectively target customers at the most important point in the consideration cycle standing right in front of you (SM Examiner)
27. Geo-Location
Marketing Opportunities

  • Increase customer loyalty

28. Acquire new customersBest Practices

  • Test now while geolocation not widely adopted

29. Provide compelling reason for person to check-in