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My Professional My Professional Goals Goals 2005-2006 2005-2006 Deborah Newhouse Deborah Newhouse 2 2 nd nd Grade Teacher Grade Teacher Benton Elementary School Benton Elementary School

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This was a PowerPoint I put together for my annual evaluation in 2005-06. I taught 2nd grade that year. Just an example of my work.


  • 1. My Professional Goals2005-2006 Deborah Newhouse 2 ndGrade Teacher Benton Elementary School

2. Professional Development Goal

  • I will implement strategies to engage every students brain and as a result increase learning in my classroom.
  • Every students assessment results will improve to demonstrate improving student achievement throughout the year.
  • Increase Student Self-Confidence!
  • Develop a sense of community in my classroom.

3. Methods/Strategies/Activities Used to Accomplish My Goal

  • Hands-on experiences
  • Small group instruction
  • Individual instruction
  • Music & physical movement activities
  • Integrate academic areas together
  • Field Trips
  • Games
  • Develop Student Self-Confidence

4. Evidence and Documentation Collected to Support Goal

  • Student portfolios
  • Project samples
  • Work displayed in room
  • Photos of students at work
  • Assessment examples
  • Student examples
  • Grades, Benchmark results, AR, Math Facts data

5. Assessment Results* (turnover of 7 students) IRI 2005-06 Mar 2006 *13 out of 15 Students Know All 220 SightWords Comparison of Benchmark Data between Class & District 6. CELEBRATE OUR LEARNING Writing for a Purpose! Letters to Soldiers in Iraq gave us a purpose for writing as well as integrating Social Studies concepts such as map skills and cultures 7. Student Portfolios Writing Excellence Excellence in Math Student Confidence Class Books We love to make and read our own books 8. Games teach concepts, sharing, turn taking LEARNING 9. Music/Movement

  • Punctuation Walk ! ? . ,

SubtractionRock and Roll! 10. Student Examples of Achievement Multi-Intelligences Writing Stories on the Computer Group Project- Mural of Rainforest after field trip to Botanical Gardens Working together on writing assignment Shave Cream Spelling *A student favorite 11. I Did My Best!

  • Math Facts
  • 7 out of 15 students made the second grade goal of subtracting 25 problems to 18 in 1 min 30 sec.
  • AR
  • Maria and Aldo made AR goal every month this year and have been the top 2 in 2 ndgrade all year!Excellence
  • in reading!

100 math facts in less than 7 minutes 100% correct! 12. Field Trips Elachee Nature Center Science Unit on Astronomy 13. Indian Festival at Stone MountainUnit on American Indians Learning Together Families Teachers Students 14. Botanical Gardens Activating Strategy for Unit on Plants 15. Student Projects Sequencing a Story If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Integrating curriculum Making an Advertising Poster Social Studies/Math/Writing Murals and Posters 16. Im So Proud ofEveryONE ! CommunitySpirit TEAMWORK Family PRIDE RESPECT 17. Books, Videos, Workshops

  • Reading for Meaning by Debbie Miller
  • Stategies That Work by Harvey and Goudvis
  • Worksheets Dont Grow Dendrites by Dr. Marcia Tate
  • How to Differentiate Instruction in Mixed-Ability Classrooms by Carol Ann Tomlinson
  • The Art of Teaching Writing by Lucy Calkins
  • Good Bye Round Robin by Michael Opitz & Timothy Rasinski
  • The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease
  • Writing Teachers and Children at Work by Donald Graves
  • Watched 3 video set titled Happy Reading by Debbie Miller
  • Workshop on Writing
  • Enchanted Learning Website
  • Membership in MSN 2nd Grade Teacher Groups