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LARGE S C A L E AGILE T R A N S F O R M A T I O N Steve Greene | Chris Fry How revolutionized their R&D development methodology in a Big Bang way

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  • 1.LARGE S C A L E AGILET R A N S F O R M A T I O N Steve Greene | Chris Fry How revolutionized their R&D development methodology in a Big Bang way

2. History 3. 8 Age of Salesforce in years 4. from the beginning 5. 3 Number of people in R&D 6. fast innovativesmart 7. 4Number of Major Releases per year 8. 7 years later 9. rapid success 10. 35,000+ Customers 11. 900,000 Subscribers 12. 110 Million transactions per day 13. 200+ people in R&D 14. but 15. it was getting more difficult to deliver 16. 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Features Delivered per Team Days between Major Releases 17. 1Number of Major Releases per year 18. Why? 19. Lack of visibility at all stages in the release Late feedback on features at the end of our release cycle 20. Long and unpredictable release schedules 21. Gradual productivity decline as the team grew 22. What did we do about it? 23. Major enterprise-wide Agile Transformation in just 3 months 24. 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Features Delivered per Team Days between Major Releases Transformation Results 25. Transformation Results January 2007 March 2007 November 2007 August 2007 Rapid Reaction for an Agile World 60+ critical features delivered in < 9 months Average Idea to Release rate: 2.2 quarters 70% of Top 10 Ideas on track for delivery in 2007 Summer 08 Winter 09 Spring 08 26. Our customers are happy 27. Our teams are happier 28. What is ADM? ADM is a modified Scrum/XP style of product development that is specific to Salesforce. It employs Scrum project management framework and adopts certain XP practices. 29. What is ADM? Re-factoring Self-organizing Predictable releases Transparent Ftest - Selenium Continuous integration Debt free Just-in-timeIterative Always Potentially Releasable Time-boxed User stories Agile Lean Early feedback Code Reviews Collective Code Ownership Self-correcting 30. Howd we do it? 31. Launched organizational change program 32. Everyone jumped in together 33. Created a dedicated, cross- functional rollout team 34. Positioned as a return to our core values 35. Listen to your customers IterateKISS 36. Distributed Ken Schwabers Agile book Developed 2-hour Agile overview 37. Sent 30 ScrumMasters to ScrumMaster Certification Sent 35 Product Managers to Product Owner Certification 38. Created internal, wiki-based website as a reference for team members 39. What would we do differently? 40. Train Product Owners earlier and with more intensity 41. Involve more individual contributors early 42. Get outside coaching earlier 43. Give key executives concrete deliverables around the rollout 44. Be more clear about what the agile rules are 45. Keys to success? 46. Ensure executive commitment to the change 47. Focus on principles over mechanics 48. Focus on automation 49. Code Coverage for 31.1% 46.7% 64.9% 25% 35% 45% 55% 65% 75% 2005 2006 2007 2008 Year %ofCoverage 2005 2006 2007 16332 5752 2656 50. Provide radical transparency 51. Advice? 52. Create a dedicated, cross-functional rollout team 53. Get professional help 54. Focus on getting several teams to excellence 55. Create a company sprint heartbeat 56. Decide early on the right tool 57. Scrumforce built on the Salesforce Platform 58. Scrumforce built on the Salesforce Platform 59. When the heat is on stick to your guns 60. Encourage radical visibility and over-communicate 61. Experiment, be patient and expect to make mistakes 62. Agile Roadmap January OctoberAprilOctober Agile Launch Big Bang Rollout Excellence, Sustainability & Expansion Expanding Velocity, Expanding Intelligence, Expanding Influence Globally January 144 146 July 148 150 152 Rollout Adoption Excellence Expansion 63. Ok, sounds good but what are we working on now? 64. Sustainable Velocity 65. Waterfalling in sprint Shared teams TDD 66. Dependencies 67. Leadership 68. Dont be afraid to change the entire company all at one time 69. Its not Process 70. Its ADM 71. Executive Producer Parker Harris 72. Screenplay Chris Fry 73. Director Steve Greene 74. Co-Producer Jenny Cheng 75. Co-Producer Todd McKinnon Courtney Broadus 76. Executive Producers Steve Greene Chris Fry 77. Story Editors Andrea Leszek Catherine Courage 78. Starring Steve Graykowski 79. Eric Babinet 80. Rajani Ramanathan 81. April Oman 82. Guest Starring Matt Ho 83. Pete Behrens Rob Myers 84. Special Guest Stars Steve Fisher Woodson Martin 85. Co-starring Peter Morelli Siddhartha Singh 86. Rasmus Mencke Amy Farrow 87. With Andrew Sandler 88. Scrum Master Product Owner Art Director UE Producer STEVE GREENE CHRIS FRY ANDREA LESZEK CATHERINE COURAGE 89. Program Designer Release Technician Survey Designer Assistant Producer Adaptation Designer STEVE GRAYKOWSKI AMY FARROW APRIL OMAN ERIC BABINET RAJANI RAMANATHAN 90. Art Director of Done TDD Producer Product Owner Designer Phase 0 Consultant Casting Extras Casting Photos PETE MORELLI SIDD SINGH RASMUS MENKE ANDREW SANDLER STEVE GREENE CHRIS FRY iStockPhoto Flickr Google Images 91. Scrum Master Product Owner Art Director & Developer Developer Documentation Designer ERIC BABINET CATHERINE COURAGE ANDREW WAITE FELIX SUKHENKO MYSTI BERRY Scrumforce Cast 92. Art Director Editor Content Designers STEVE GREENE ANDREA LESZEK CHRIS FRY ANDREA LESZEK STEVE GRAYKOWSKI CATHERINE COURAGE ERIC BABINET ADM Wiki Cast 93. Special Thanks to Mike Cohn 94. Rolled out entirely on location in San Francisco, California USA 95. The characters and events depicted in this rollout are real. Any similarity to fictional persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Copyright 2007 All rights reserved. First publication of this rollout (process and overview): United States of America 2007. is the owner of the copyright in this rollout This rollout is protected by the copyright laws of the United States of America and other countries. Any unauthorized duplication, copying, or use of all or part of this rollout may result in a serious dorking in accordance with applicable laws. 96. 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