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Seguin Independent School District School Health Advisory Council SHAC Minutes, May 13th, 2015 Meeting called to order 5:10 Pete Silvius Mark Dibble, Suzanne Fey, Danna Dyess, Derek Head, Dot Whitman, and Pete Silvius were present. February meeting minutes approved. Motion by Suzanne Fey, second by Mark Dibble Program updates. Pete reported on the status of the following SHAC programs. The Resolute Health –Sow healthy program has funded the installation of a campus garden at Patlan Elementary. Fitnessgram testing has been completed K8. The HS is still working to complete testing. Testing will be complete by the end of the month. The Worth the Wait curriculum will be taught at Saegert starting next week May 18 th . On May 12 th Dr. Remsing of GRMG and Seguin OB/Gyn presented an overview of the curriculum and communication strategies to parents and students. Attendance was very low, however all who attended commented that the program was a great resource and should be continued. The PE Showcase this year will be included in the Matador Challenge community event at Goldie Harris on May 15 th 57pm. All are invited to attend. Seguin ISD was recently awarded a grant from TPWD. The grant was written to support community kayak and biking instruction in and around the Seguin community. The grant will fund the purchase of bikes, kayaks, helmets, lifejackets, paddles and two trailers to store and haul the equipment. New Business Pete reported that he presented to the recently formed parent teacher organization in Seguin ISD about our SHAC. The presentation requested that each campus provide at least one parent to join the SHAC. Pete reviewed the laws associated with SHAC’s and Coordinated School Health. Dr. Squires was applauded for his years of service to the Seguin ISD SHAC. Dr Squires will continue to be a support for the SHAC but will no longer be available to Chair the Council. Pete asked all in attendance to seek out a qualified and interested member to Chair or coChair the SHAC in the coming 20152016 school year. Derek Head discussed the importance of a needs assessment to help with goal setting for the SHAC. Derek has used the Change Tool Assessment in the past and would be willing to help facilitate the assessment with Seguin ISD. Derek and Pete will meet in the coming weeks to get started on the assessment in hopes to report to the SHAC next fall. Meeting dates and times were discussed for 20152016. All in attendance agreed that earlier meeting dates in the fall would help support new goals. An early September and October meeting was recommended. It was also suggested that a noon meeting might allow more parents to attend. Pete will look into the possibility of a noon meeting that includes lunch in the future. Meeting Adjourn 5:45 Meeting dates for the 20152016 school year will be confirmed in the next few weeks.

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  •  Seguin Independent School District

    School Health Advisory Council SHAC

    Minutes, May 13th, 2015  • Meeting  called  to  order  5:10-‐  Pete  Silvius  

     • Mark  Dibble,  Suzanne  Fey,  Danna  Dyess,  Derek  Head,  Dot  Whitman,  and  Pete  Silvius  were  present.    • February  meeting  minutes  approved.    Motion  by  Suzanne  Fey,  second  by  Mark  Dibble    • Program  updates.    Pete  reported  on  the  status  of  the  following  SHAC  programs.    

    -‐The  Resolute  Health  –Sow  healthy  program  has  funded  the  installation  of  a  campus  garden  at  Patlan  Elementary.    -‐Fitnessgram  testing  has  been  completed  K-‐8.      The  HS  is  still  working  to  complete  testing.    Testing  will  be  complete  by  the  end  of  the  month.    -‐The  Worth  the  Wait  curriculum  will  be  taught  at  Saegert  starting  next  week  May  18th.    On  May  12th  Dr.  Remsing  of  GRMG  and  Seguin  OB/Gyn  presented  an  overview  of  the  curriculum  and  communication  strategies  to  parents  and  students.    Attendance  was  very  low,  however  all  who  attended  commented  that  the  program  was  a  great  resource  and  should  be  continued.        -‐The  PE  Showcase  this  year  will  be  included  in  the  Matador  Challenge  community  event  at  Goldie  Harris  on  May  15th  5-‐7pm.    All  are  invited  to  attend.    -‐Seguin  ISD  was  recently  awarded  a  grant  from  TPWD.    The  grant  was  written  to  support  community  kayak  and  biking  instruction  in  and  around  the  Seguin  community.    The  grant  will  fund  the  purchase  of  bikes,  kayaks,  helmets,  lifejackets,  paddles  and  two  trailers  to  store  and  haul  the  equipment.    

     • New  Business-‐    

     -‐Pete  reported  that  he  presented  to  the  recently  formed  parent  teacher  organization  in  Seguin  ISD  about  our  SHAC.    The  presentation  requested  that  each  campus  provide  at  least  one  parent  to  join  the  SHAC.        -‐Pete  reviewed  the  laws  associated  with  SHAC’s  and  Coordinated  School  Health.    -‐Dr.  Squires  was  applauded  for  his  years  of  service  to  the  Seguin  ISD  SHAC.    Dr  Squires  will  continue  to  be  a  support  for  the  SHAC  but  will  no  longer  be  available  to  Chair  the  Council.    Pete  asked  all  in  attendance  to  seek  out  a  qualified  and  interested  member  to  Chair  or  co-‐Chair  the  SHAC  in  the  coming  2015-‐2016  school  year.    -‐Derek  Head  discussed  the  importance  of  a  needs  assessment  to  help  with  goal  setting  for  the  SHAC.    Derek  has  used  the  Change  Tool  Assessment  in  the  past  and  would  be  willing  to  help  facilitate  the  assessment  with  Seguin  ISD.    Derek  and  Pete  will  meet  in  the  coming  weeks  to  get  started  on  the  assessment  in  hopes  to  report  to  the  SHAC  next  fall.      

       -‐Meeting  dates  and  times  were  discussed  for  2015-‐2016.    All  in  attendance  agreed  that  earlier  meeting  dates  in  the  fall  would  help  support  new  goals.    An  early  September  and  October  meeting  was  recommended.      It  was  also  suggested  that  a  noon  meeting  might  allow  more  parents  to  attend.    Pete  will  look  into  the  possibility  of  a  noon  meeting  that  includes  lunch  in  the  future.          

    Meeting  Adjourn  5:45            Meeting  dates  for  the  2015-‐2016  school  year  will  be  confirmed  in  the  next  few  weeks.