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3 ONLINE 1/2011

4 >> NewsH4D-40 stainless steel: the H4D-40’s inner beauty is externa- lized in a special edition camera, initially limited to 100 units · H4D-40 Ferrari edition: two iconic high-class brands have joined forces to create 499 units of a limited edition camera

6 >> Niels vaN ipereNIn the contrast-rich, dramatic portraits of his “Colombia” series, Dutch photographer Niels van Iperen immortalizes the diversity of the South American country’s inhabitants, whilst also presenting a multi-faceted and hopeful image of his adopted home.

22 >> eDwarD albaUsers of the Hasselblad Owners’ Club have chosen an image by the Peruvian fashion photographer as Photo of the Month. At VICTOR online he introduces some of his most beautiful shots, and explains why one of his models had to stand still for 22 hours.

26 >> MorFi JiMeNez MercaDoPeruvian Hasselblad Master, Morfi Jimenez Mercado, is passion-ate about portrait photography. He used artificial lighting and atmospheric coloring to enhance his images of local people in the Andean province of Cuzco. His next project takes him to Iquitos.

42 >> previewEquipped with an H3DII-50, Danish photographer, Henrik Sørensen, managed to get impressive underwater photos of dancers from the Royal Danish Ballet. With the masterful use of light and shadow, and the precise poses, the images completely captivate the viewer.


Wishing you joy and success in 2011! It looks like it’s going to be a good year for the industry, having surmounted the lows of the past year. For the photo industry, the last few months

have shown a positive trend. Orders have improved considerably, advertising budgets are climbing and more complex projects are being taken on again.

At VICTOR online, we’ve seen increasing numbers of photographers submitting exciting portfolio proj­ects; but that isn’t all that made 2010 a good year for our magazine: the inclusion of new columns focusing on the winner of the Hasselblad Owners’ Club Photo of the Month, and on Hasselblad Masters, have strength­ened our editorial profile and were appreciated by our readers. VICTOR online’s social media activity was also a resounding success – especially on Facebook.

Of course, we won’t rest on our laurels, but con­tinue to work on improving VICTOR online, making it more international and interactive. In 2010, we already started including ‘making of’ videos with many portfolios, so that readers could also see how the outstanding pictures presented were taken. This multi­media linkage will be strengthened this year.

Social media activities will also be expanded in 2011. We’d like our considerable Facebook communi­ty to grow – but you’re probably already part of it, aren’t you? If not, please visit vicTorbyHasselblad and discover how other fans are rating Niels van Iperen’s current portfolio, or which international photographer has uploaded a new image.

Internationality was always important to VICTOR online because we consider ourselves a platform for professional photographers around the world, mea­suring, like a seismograph, where the photo scene is active. We recently observed, for example, that south america represents a developing market, where Hasselblad cameras are increasingly in demand and where a thriving photo scene has been established. This is why I’m particularly pleased to present three series from South America in this issue: the cover shot was taken by Colombia­based photographer, Niels van iperen, and his portfolio, starting page 6, shows multi­faceted portraits from his adopted home and the people living there. Peruvian Hasselblad Master, Morfi Jimenez Mercado, used an H3D­39 to capture the inhabitants of the Andean province of Cuzco. The Hasselblad Owners’ Club chose a picture by Peruvian commercial and fashion photographer, edward alba, as Photo of the Month. Starting on page 22, you can see this and other of his colorful, super sharp photos.

I wish you pleasure and inspiration as you browse through the January issue of VICTOR online, and look forward to lively exchanges with you in 2011.

Yours,Stephan Bittner,

publisher VICTOR online

The portraits of colombians taken by

Niels van iperen with his H3D-39 are

as multi-faceted as the country itself

Page 4: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

4 ONLINE 1/2011


Hasselblad users all over the world exchange news on the Hasselblad Owners’ Club (HOC) site. At the end of December, registered us-ers chose a new Photo of the Month, taken by Eric Lafforgue. With this picture, the French travel photographer prevailed over the strong competition. We will fully introduce him in the February issue of VICTOR online. ■


Owners’ Club12/2010

The design concept was already presented last au-tumn at the Hasselblad booth at photokina, and the reaction from visitors was so enthusiastic that a limited number of the H4D-40 Stainless Steel camera will be produced. With this special edition, the success-ful medium format H4D-40’s inner beauty will also be externalized: While all H4D cameras are built in a robust stainless steel casing, in the case of the H4D-40 Stainless Steel it will be visible. This will not only show the camera’s core strength, but will also ensure appealing aesthetics. With an initial series of 100 units, the camera is an eye-catcher that contains all the incredible H4D technology, such as Hasselblad’s groundbreaking True Focus and Absolute Position Lock technology, as well as the latest in extended functionality, including an electronic spirit level,

previews in tethered mode, and a new graphical in-formation display. With these advanced features, Hasselblad continues to develop the ultimate camera system for the discerning photographer.

Further information, the complete technical data, a supplier’s overview and a hands-on demo, can be found on the Hasselblad website: promotions/h4d-40-stainless-steel. ■

speCial editiOnnEw stainLEss stEEL H4D-40 out now

The exclusive H4D-40 Ferrari edition is limited to only 499 units. This special issue of Hasselblad’s newest medium format camera was first presented and enthusiastically received by visitors to this year’s photokina in Cologne, Ger-many. It is now available for 21,499.- € (plus VAT), including a Hasselblad HC 2.8/80 mm lens.

The H4D Ferrari edition comes in the unique Ferrari red – the “rosso fuoco”, fire red – with the legendary racing shield adding its classic touch. It is packaged in an exclusively designed and engineered box with a glass top equally labeled with the distinctive Ferrari racing shield. The camera offers all the technical advantag-es of the excellent H4D-40, such as True Focus and Absolute Position Lock tech-nology. For Ferrari enthusiasts striving to produce images at top speed, Hasselblad’s new Phocus Quick software, that simply sidesteps any kind of complex post-pro-duction, will turn out to be the perfect tool to „strike home“.

Both Ferrari and Hasselblad have a passion for quality, design and perfor-mance. The exclusive H4D Ferrari edition is the result of a collaboration between the two iconic brands, and has a spe-cial appeal for fans of both Ferrari and Hasselblad. “I am proud of the company’s achievements since the introduction of the newest generation of Hasselblad cameras, the H4 series, and feel very hon-ored to be able to celebrate our success together with such a precious brand,” Dr. Larry Hansen, chairman and CEO of Hasselblad, affirms. Further informa-tion about the H4D Ferrari Edition can be found at ■

limited editiOn H4D FErrari EDition avaiLabLE now

only 499 units of the Hasselblad H4D Ferrari

Limited Edition are being produced. in addi-

tion to Ferrari’s unique red – “rosso fuoco” –, the

camera also bears the legendary racing shield

of the scuderia Ferrari

Page 5: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)


© C


y R


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Page 6: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

6 ONLINE 1/2011

Niels VaN ipereN Before going to Colombia, Dutch photographer Niels van Iperen was afraid of the country: He had heard too many stories of war, violence and drugs. It turned out, however, to be a magical place, so he decided to stay and, equipped with Hasselblad cameras, has been photographing every facet of the intriguing country ever since.

Page 7: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

7 ONLINE 1/2011

Page 8: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

8 ONLINE 1/2011

right: equipped with just an H3D-39, Niels van iperen managed

to capture this snapshot while riding through the sierra Nevada on his way to the arhuaco indios

Page 9: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

9 ONLINE 1/2011

left: Typical Colombia magic is captured in this image of a female vampire haunting an old grave-yard near laguna de Guatavita, an hour away from Bogotá

Page 10: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

10 ONLINE 1/2011

Page 11: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

11 ONLINE 1/2011

Niels van iperen captured a car with horse power: Junk collectors comb the streets collecting metal and paper – and sometimes they find so much more …

Page 12: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

12 ONLINE 1/2011

right: The detailed wrinkles on this old lady’s face are delightful:

she is holding an arracacha in her hands – a type of edible root

that originates from the andes

Page 13: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

13 ONLINE 1/2011

left: The Ticuna are an indigenous tribe living on the banks of the amazon. even though they own mobile phones and have cable television, they dress in traditional garb for tourists

Page 14: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

14 ONLINE 1/2011

Page 15: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

15 ONLINE 1/2011

The dark and ugly side of Colom-bia: Niels van iperen presents the “sicarios”. While very religious, they are predominantly hit men employed by drug lords

Page 16: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

16 ONLINE 1/2011

right: Heading for the goal: Colombians are great football fans. even so, the Colombian

national teams have yet to achieve international fame

Page 17: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

17 ONLINE 1/2011

The drug “Basuco” comes from the coca plant. To smoke it, it’s stret ched out with pulverized brick. Where “Basuqueros” live, the walls are pocked with missing bricks

Page 18: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

18 ONLINE 1/2011

Page 19: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

19 ONLINE 1/2011

For this shot, Van iperen used the diag onal focus of the tilt and shift adapter mounted on his H3D-39, and was able to place the emphasis pre-cisely on the spot where he wanted it

Page 20: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

20 ONLINE 1/2011

PortfolIo Niels VaN ipereN

When Dutch photographer Niels van Iperen was seven, he started taking professional shots at rock concerts. At age 15, Steve Harris of Iron Maid­en stood in front of his lens, followed by the ‘who’s who’ of music history: Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, Mick Jagger … Soon van Iperen was cir­cling the globe, and photographing over 3000 bands and artists.

Between assignments, he tried to see as much of the world as possible: Japan, Cuba and Bolivia – finding Latin America particularly interes­ting. Colombia was one destina­tion, however, that he avoided for a long time. When he at last visited the country in 2002, he discovered that many of the horror stories he had heard were overblown. “When I went there I was pleasantly surprised because, while every Latin country has fascinating aspects, Colombia seems to have them all in one coun­try!” The magical place has held him captive ever since. Van Iperen, now 42, has lived in Colombia for eight years, doing commercial photo shoots and running a photo equip­ment business.

His love for Colombia is reflected in his personal projects. They rep­resent a homage to the country and its people, because Colombia has so many facets: Delightful landscapes and the snow­covered Andes, a beau­tiful coastline, the Amazon River, and an amazing variety of plants and ani­mals. “But Colombia has to deal with corruption, plus a hundred years of internal war, fifty years of guerrilla conflict, and countless paramilitary massacres. It’s the country of Pablo Escobar, and the world center of co­caine production.”

Van Iperen uses Hasselblad cam­eras to capture the countless faces for his Colombia series. The pictures

Below: exclusive insights into van iperen’s work. Further images

of his Colombia project can be found at

have an incredibly colorful intensity. He masters the use of light – at times warm sunlight contrasting with dark blue skies, at times cold and bright on an ice blue backdrop. Despite the unusual 2:1 landscape format that he uses for his portrait photographs, the people are the main protagonists in his images. The many background details, however, often serve to com­plete the stories.

Most of his Colombian photos have the feel of snap shots. Some re­ally were, while others were carefully staged and used a lot of equipment; yet, despite the degree to which some photos have been set up, they always end up looking real and spontane­ous. He uses Hasselblad cameras for all his Colombia photos. “These are the most ergonomic cameras in the world: They allow for fast shooting, can even be used in scarce light cir­cumstances, and their True Focus system is indispensable for shooting portraits with large diaphragm open­ings.” Some pictures were taken with an H3D­39 or an H4D­50. He takes the H3D­31, above all, when he is heading for less safe areas. “You’re only risking a small part of the in­vestment in a H4D­50 …”

Van Iperen’s Colombia series was inspired, by German photographer, August Sander. In the 1920s Sander did a series of portraits trying to put together a sort of “German typol­ogy”. “When I started working on this personal project I departed from his idea, and set it in Colombia today instead of Germany in the 1920s.” In addition, Van Iperen sometimes adds very fantastical elements to his pictures: “Where Sander’s photos, like his culture, are devoid of any ‘fantasy’ elements, in Colombia and in my photos it is something inevi­table.” ■ julia braune

right: Traveling by bus in Colom-bia is an adventure. if and when

you reach your destination is nev- er sure; musicians and performers

provide a welcome distraction

please find this movie at

Page 21: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

21 ONLINE 1/2011

left: playing billiards is a popular pastime for Colombian men. “Billar londres” is one of the best known meeting points to play in the capital Bogotá

Page 22: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

22 ONLINE 1/2011

Page 23: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

23 ONLINE 1/2011

“To get a good picture is a challenge since you are trying to transmit sen-sations, sell a product, or convey an idea,” Peruvian fashion and com-mercial photographer, Edward Alba, explains. “It is true that the agencies have a script, but it’s still impor-tant to be very creative and interact with the model so that the pictures become more realistic.” Alba first discovered his passion for photogra-phy while he was studying graphic design. It did not take him long to follow his professor’s advice, which was to specialize in photography. His most unusual work was an editorial shoot with a half naked model cov-ered in a total of 12.000 Swarovski crystals that had been laboriously glued all over her body. While it took 22 hours to get every crystal in the right place, it took Alba only 25 min-utes to have the photos in the bag. By comparison, a photo shoot for the fashion magazine “Privee” took quite a bit longer; but the effort did pay off, as it was this series that pro-duced the deserving HOC picture of the month (top left) – a picture that Alba captured with his H3DII-39. “I work with a H3DII-39, which I adore. It’s very user friendly, and offers a big and sharp view through a visor which lets you control any detail while composing and taking pic-tures,” he says. “The colors are very real. Many of my clients require ex-tremely accurate reproductions of their clothes and jewelry, and this can be successfully achieved with Hasselblad’s natural color solution.”

Vita: Born in Lima/Peru in 1977. Free-

lance photographer since 1999. His cli-

ents include McCann Erickson and JWT.


OWnErs’ CLuB12/2010

EdWard aLBaMembers of the Hasselblad Owners’ Club have chosen

a picture by Edward Alba as Photo of the Month. Introducing the Peruvian fashion photographer and his aesthetic world.

Page 24: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

24 ONLINE 1/2011


OWnErs’ CLuB12/2010

Page 25: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)
Page 26: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

26 ONLINE 1/2011

Peruvian Hasselblad Master, Morfi Jimenez Mercado, is passionate about portrait photography, and it is clear that he’s able to convey this very same passion to his subjects. So it was that he traveled to the small towns and quaint villages of the Andean province of Cuzco, located at 3500 to 4000 meters above sea level, where he captured pictures of the local inhabitants for the first Hasselblad Masters book. Mercado’s individual image-processing style manages to free the scenes from the sadness and severity of the everyday lives of his subjects: His use of both artificial light and natural sunlight elevates their daily routine to the realm of artful timelessness. The im-pression is further emphasized by his use of additional coloring – especial-ly his favored shades of green, brown and gold. This particular choice of palette for his photographs and the way he plays with light, shadow, and strong contrasts, is significantly in-fluenced by his great admiration for Renaissance art.

For his current project, Mercado traveled to Iquitos, the largest city in Peru’s tropical rain forest region. He plans to return in April to finish off his work there. “As with my pre vious work, my main interest is in the people – the human beings and their environment, involving myself with the subjects, and in their regular, everyday lives,” Mercado explains. His wish is to produce images of life that are honest and unadulterated – no costumes, no masks.

Hasselblad Master portfolio


Morfi JiMenez Mercado

Page 27: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)
Page 28: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

28 ONLINE 1/2011

Page 29: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

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Page 30: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)
Page 31: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

31 ONLINE 1/2011

Page 32: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

32 ONLINE 1/2011

Page 33: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

33 ONLINE 1/2011

Page 34: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

34 ONLINE 1/2011

Page 35: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)
Page 36: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

36 ONLINE 1/2011

Page 37: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

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Page 38: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)
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Page 40: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

40 ONLINE 1/2011

Page 41: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)
Page 42: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

42 ONLINE 1/2011

Next victor oNliNe: 1 february 2011

Items and topics in the next issue of VICTOr online may be changed or post-poned due to editorial or other reasons.

keVIn Then >> evocative wedding photogra-

phy with a feel of reportage

henrIk sørensen >> underwater pirouettes: splashy images of dancers from the royal Danish ballet

Be surprised by inspiring portfolios, keep up-to-date with the most significant photographic trends and read leading news for the photography community. On February 1st, 2011, check your monitor for the next issue of VICTOR online.

realization: IDC Corporate Publishing GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

All articles and illustrations contained in the online magazine are subject to the laws of copyright. Any form of utilisation beyond the narrow limits imposed by the laws of copyright and without the expressed permis-sion of the publisher is forbidden and will be prosecuted. We accept no respon sibility for unsolicited material and this will only be returned if appropriate postage is included.

Hasselblad is a registered trademark of Victor Hasselblad A/S, Denmark. Place of jurisdiction and execution: Hamburg, Germany

VICTOR online | 1/[email protected]

Publisher: Stephan Bittner, Center of Service GmbH

Publishing House/Advertising:Center of Service GmbHHammerbrookstr. 9320097 Hamburg, GermanyTel.: +49.40.25 40 48-69 (Fax: -40)E-mail: [email protected]

Photographer relations Manager Hasselblad: Christian Nø[email protected]



Owners’ Club1/2011

>> Discover the aesthetic world of the photographer who took

the hasselblad Owners’ Club photo of the month: eric Lafforgue

Page 43: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/01)

Driving the world’s finest sports car changes the way you drive. And shooting with the world’s finest camera does the same for your images.

The Hasselblad H4D-40 features a 40 Megapixel medium format sensor and True Focus (making auto-focus substantially easier and more accu-rate), and gives you access to the world’s most advanced lenses, the Hasselblad HC/HCD line. The H4D has been specially designed to provide the ultimate in both quality and performance. Just as the cars that inspired it.

The Ferrari H4D-40, produced in a limited edition of only 499 cameras, provides the perfect photo-graphic accessory to the world’s finest driving machines. Produced in the new Ferrari “Rosso Fuoco” and bearing the legendary Cavallino Rampante, the camera comes with an 80mm lens and an exclusively designed and engineered glass display box, and will enable you to document life from the driver’s seat in a way you never before dreamed possible.

Log on to for more infor-mation about the Ferrari H4D-40.

The PerfecT ADDiTion To The STAble.

Produced under license of Ferrari Spa. FERRARI, the PRANCING HORSE device, all associated logos and distinctive designs are property of Ferrari Spa.

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