behind every brand is a story

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  • 6. BRANDING DISTINGUISHES YOU FROM YOUR COMPETITION AND CREATES MARKET SHARE. Branding helps you to express your companys distinctive essence. Ultimately, it is a long-term strategy that enables you to maintain your lead, regardless of the economic climate.
  • 7. BRANDING MEANS MORE THAN A FANCY LOGO. IT MEANS ACCURATELY COMMUNICATING YOUR VALUES AND DELIVERING YOUR BRAND PROMISES. A brand is the embodiment of everything associated with your product, service or company. Yet branding is more than just creating a catchy logo, name or slogan. While they are vital components of branding, they are but one part of it.
  • 8. BRANDING SHAPES YOUR COMPANY. IT INSTILS CORPORATE CULTURE AND VALUES, WHILE FORMING THE FOUNDATION THAT DRIVES PASSION AND CREATIVITY. When properly defined, developed and used, your brand can change the public perception of your company, its value and status. It also changes the way you communicate with your employees and customers.
  • 9. Each brand is unique and there is no single magic formula to create a successful brand, THE BRAND STEP STEP STEP 1 2 3 TAKE STOCK FIND YOUR FIT BLUEPRINT YOUR IDEA Branding is all about Its what the experts call Now that you know where perception. Perception is positioning, and the your brand is and what reality to your customers. reason why Volvo is known you want it to become, Find out what people really for safety and Lexus for you need a strategy to get think of your brand through luxury. Where is the best there. Blueprint the entire a brand review. Dont be opportunity for your brand? idea to make sure your surprised if theres a gap How does your brand fit in brand stays on track. between what you think the market? of your brand and how it is perceived by your customers, distributors, suppliers and even your employees.
  • 10. but there are 6 steps you can take to equip yourself in building your brand with greater confidence. VALUE CHAIN STEP STEP STEP 4 5 6 ALIGN EVERYONE GET YOUR FANS MEASURE SUCCESS Each and every employee Communicate to your You can only effectively is an ambassador of the customers and ensure manage what you brand. Get everyone, top-of-mind recall for measure. So measure from the CEO to the most your unique brandname, the right things to see junior clerk to believe in trademark, slogan, whether you really have it, live it, breathe it, and service, design or succeeded in making that deliver the brand promise technological ability. Some connection with your key consistently. brands have become customers. legendary. Can people remember your brand?
  • 11. Many SMEs have made that decision to invest time and effort in their brands, and as a result experienced a boost in customer loyalty, employee commitment and business performance. THESE ARE THEIR STORIES...
  • 12. STEP 1 THE TRU-MARINE STORY Assessing your A BETTER PERSPECTIVE brands strengths and weaknesses. INSIDE AND OUT #1 Having been in business since 1977, Tru-Marine Story True enjoyed a healthy trade first as a general ship repairer and later, a specialist for the repair of TAKE STOCK turbochargers, the main propulsion system that enables ships to travel at optimum speed. Branding is all about The company stood out in its industry as a quality perception. Perception is repair service centre with high standards and reality to your customers. sound technical expertise, garnering a place thrice in the Enterprise 50 Awards. Find out what people really think of your brand through To further cement Tru-Marines reputation, group managing director David Loke, who was named a brand review. Dont be Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2007, surprised if theres a gap decided to embark on branding in order for positive brand experiences to become a major driver of the Tru-Marine brand. between what you think of your brand and how it is The first step they took towards building a strong brand was to do a review to determine just how the company was perceived perceived by your customers, by its customers, suppliers and staff. distributors, suppliers and It turned out that Tru-Marine was already doing an effective even your employees. job in the eyes of its customers. Our customers view us with
  • 13. confidence, said Mr Loke. To them, time is of the essence. The ships need to unload, reload and get to the next port as quickly as possible. Our customers choose us because they know they can rely on us to do a good repair job on time. The review revealed that Tru-Marine is highly regarded as a reliable brand with a loyal following. Mr Loke explained, We use state-of-the-art technology to stay at the top of the game. We enhance our customers competitiveness by providing them with innovative repair alternatives that help them save on operational and down-time costs. Taking a look inwards, the review threw up some startling results. What we ourselves think and feel about the brand is fundamental. It can build or destroy the brand. While Tru-Marine has a rich brand personality from its years in the business, the brand values may not have been consistently projected by every employee, said Mr Loke. The company set about overcoming this hurdle through training sessions, interaction, communication and giving incentives. It takes a long time for culture to become ingrained and its something that needs continuous effort, said Mr Loke. And its something we are committed to work on. The company is all set to grow, and has made moves to extend its reach in the Middle East and Northern Europe. I would definitely encourage companies to build their brands for growth and survival, said Mr Loke. If customers have a need, you have to be the first name they think about. You have to be at the top of their minds. That is why branding is so important.
  • 14. STEP 1 2 ry # e Sto Tru THE ACEZ STORY REVIEW, REARRANGE, RESULTS Sometimes, the review process can prove so enlightening that it As it turns out, the review stage of the branding process showed even changes a companys business model. Such was the case that Acezs original mission statement, crafted at least 15 years with Acez, a major supplier for industrial and environmental ago, was no longer in line with what the company was doing. measure and control instruments in So