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Let's Pimp Out Your LinkedIn Profile!Why It's Important To Fill In EverythingHow To Do ItKeywords, They MUST Be TherePosting, How Much And Where?The Best Way To Promote Your ProductsPersonalize Everything You CanWhat were going to cover today

3FACEBOOK1.06 Billion Users (Oct. 2013) 680 Million Mobile Users (Oct. 2013) TWITTER500 Million Users (Oct. 2013) LinkedIN200 Million Users (Oct. 2013)

When was the last time you used them?

Professional Names Only

Best Picture Possible

Optimize Your Location

Brand Your Professional Headline

Customize Your Profile URL

Align with Your Industry

Expand Your Profession Headline and Support It

Embrace the Visual

Get Connected

Dont Ignore Endorsements, Manage Them

Strut Your Stuff

Make Yourself Contactable

Fully Connect With Your PastDoing Social Media Isnt Hard BUTDoing it Right Can Be

How can you tell if youreDoing it Right?

20Method #1If your Social Media Profile is showing up in the 3-4positions this is likely the first thing new prospects will click on when considering whether to do business with youAre you happy with the first impression are you making?

Method #2People are using social media search right now to find someone that does exactly what you do! Are you showing up at the top of the search results?

Are you taking advantage of all the opportunities to promote your business?

Method #3Social Media has become the new standard and if you arenot using it properly you are puttingbarriers between you and hot interested leads

Is your business easily found?

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