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Mastery Journey Timeline Presentation

Mastery Journey Timeline PresentationSteve Young

Course 1Mastery: Personal Development and Leadership-I expect to have develop leadership skills that will assist me in directing a development team.-Insight into practicing good goal setting to give structure to personal development.-Strategic tutorial:

Course 2Research in Team Dynamics-I expect to complete this course with the knowledge of how to build team cohesion to improve production.-A key takeaway is that I will be able to assess and recognize team member strengths and weaknesses.-Strategic tutorial:

Course 3Project and Team Management-I have the expectation that I will complete this course with the knowledge of how to organize projects to facilitate their completion.-I will also improve on skills developed in course 2 Research in Team Dynamics.- Strategic tutorial:

Course 4Game Design-I will learn the skills of building a game world and the aspects of game design that enhance the immersion into that world.-I expect to gain skills relative to developing narratively driven games.-Strategic tutorial:

Course 5Methods and the User Experience-I expect to gain practical experience in refinement and implementation of concepts theorized in the previous course.-Ill gain the capacity to analyze if an idea for a game mechanic is favorable.-Strategic tutorial:

Course 6Game Production Tools-I shall complete this course with a strong knowledge of productivity tools and methods that will enhance previously learned project management skills.-Strategic tutorial:

Course 7Prototyping and Content Creation-I will develop and exercise prototyping skills.-After completing this course I will know how to continue the development cycle after the brainstorming process.-Strategic tutorial:

Course 8Quality Assurance-I expect to gain insight into the methods of examining and testing games.-I will complete this course with experience in determining if a design choice is implemented as it is intended.-Strategic tutorial:

Course 9Asset Management-I expect to complete this course with a sense of how to direct workflow in the asset creation stages of a game project.-I will develop skills relative to dealing with the large number of assets that make up a game and how to properly organize them.Strategic tutorial:

Course 10Game usability and Testing-Following this course I will have practical experience in the testing of games that are close to their final stages of production.-I expect to also be able to construct advanced game mechanics as a result of skills developed in this course.Strategic tutorial:

Course 11Game Production Practicum-A key takeaway from this course will be an advanced personal prototype game and other examples of my game design skills.-I will develop skills relative to the actual implementation of game design choices.-Strategic tutorial:

Course 12Production Research Capstone-I will complete this course with a highly polished portfolio that exhibits my capacity as a game designer at the masters level.-I expect to develop the skills to present at a game design conference level of quality.Strategic tutorial:

Industry ConnectionTim SchaferContact: [email protected]: 415-487-8960Shigeru MiyamotoContact: [email protected]: (81)75-662-9600Aaron Hamilton Cook Contact: [email protected]: 800-757-5105Gabe MillerContact: [email protected]: 415-896-1110Eric HopeContact: [email protected]: 425-889-9642Gabe NewellContact: [email protected]: 425-889-9642

Industry InvolvementIndustry Organizations -International Game Developers Association (IGDA)-Game Jolt-Independent Games FestivalInnovative Companies-Nintendo-Valve Corporation

Full Sail Clubs-Creative writing club-Table top games club

My Ideal Mentor-Would have a diverse range of skills including: game design, film making, and music composition.-Would allow me to move on from their mentorship after I have achieved a stronger knowledge of design by working under them.-Would be willing to push me to work beyond my skills so as to help me become a better designer.-Would maintain the potential to collaborate together after the mentorship ends.

A Mentor According to Greene-A mentor does not have to be the highest or most prominent in a field or subject.-A domineering master may make you shallow carbon copy.-A mentor is a parental type figure who should help you to learn and eventually release you to become your own master.-A mentor should help give you confidence in or lend clarity to your lifes task.

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