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Ragan’s Inspiration for Indian Food

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  • Ragans Inspiration for Indian Food

  • Ragan Wallake developed her passion for cooking Indian food through research and her taste buds. The inspiration for cooking Indian food was received form The New Indian Slow Cooker book that was written by Neela Paniz. She worked on her Indian recipe, went to the Indian grocer and started cooking using the Indian cooker.

  • She went to almost every grocery store to study about the spices of Indian food and also interacted with many people. She found recipes, which made Indian food without using too many ingredients and spices.Her experience in developing Indian recipes was great as it was a totally different way of cooking for her.

  • Ragan Wallake and Neela Paniz

  • Ragan first heard about Neela from her friend and Neelas daughter-in-law. She understood the advantages of having a chef and author as her friends mother-in-law. Ragan was very inspired from her. Ragan tried to copy the recipes of Neela. But god wanted something else. She was not able to copy the recipes. Instead she developed her own Indian recipes. When Ragan was about to meet Neela she was prepared with knowledge about Indian food and spices. She also developed some of the Indian recipes.

  • When Ragan went to meet Neela she was greeted very well. Neela inspired Ragan when she said that she never planned her food. She used to go daily to market as she did not wanted to restrict the kitchen with what was available.Ragan was quite impressed with these thoughts of Neela. She also saw that Neela was very comfortable with the spices. She just used her hand and poured them approximately. Ragan was inspired and had a great chance to learn from Neela that led her to develop her own way of cooking Indian food.

  • Ragans Cooking in Summer

  • Usually in summers the taste of food changes. But Ragan makes it work. She can develop wonderful recipes in any temperature. In summer it is difficult to eat the spicy foods and so she developed a new taste for cooking specially in summer.Ragan is full of ideas in terms of cooking. She just needs a kitchen to develop great items, some quality ingredients and her deep passion and her love of creating wonderful dishes.