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  • Basel – 15 June 2016

    Roadshow Switzerland 2016

  • Roadshow Partner

  • Our agenda

     Introduction & Industry Trends

     Branded Fares & Ancillaries

     Lufthansa Group

     CETS - PowerSearch

     Helvetic Tours

     Hospitality - Travelport Rooms & More

     Hints & Tips

     Outlook

     Q&A

  • Travelport is a leading travel commerce platform

    providing distribution, technology, payment and

    other solutions for the $8 trillion global travel

    and tourism industry.

  • Content Providers


    Travel Buyers


    Travel Agencies

  • Travelport – much more than a GDS

  • Travel Industry Trends


    A challenging landscape

  • Stagnant LCC capacity – Western Europe

  • Growth in passenger journeys 2014-2034 Source: IATA

  • Hybridization

    Convergence of airline models

  • $59.2bn global ancillary

    revenues in 2015 North America 37.5%

    Europe 29.9%

    Asia-Pacific 22.4%

    Middle East - Africa 6.0%

    Latin America 4.2%

    Ancillaries – revenues by region

  • Needs of airlines evolving

    “I want to communicate my brand and key product benefits outside my

    home country effectively”

    “I need to increase revenue by improving my sales capability”

    “I want to know who the customer is at the time of booking irrespective of

    the channel”

    “I want to attract the high yielding customers who use travel agents”

    “I need OTAs to sell on value, not just price”

  • A key goal for travel technology

    “The travel industry is saying ‘We need to make people feel that they’re not part of some

    sort of herd tour group.’

    Travelers want a particular, authentic experience that

    they can call their own. They don’t want to feel part of a

    mass experience” Danielle Mattoon, Travel Editor,

    New York Times

  • Travel Industry Trends

    Travel Agencies

    An increasingly challenging environment

  • Changing travel shopping landscape

    Savvy travelers Complex airline products

  • Needs of agents evolving

    “I need to know when my customers book ancillaries via ”

    “To assist an airline upsell their fares and ancillaries I need easy access to fare

    family and product information”

    “I must have access to all of an airline’s content – in one workflow – to service

    my customer’s needs ”

    “I need assistance in managing complexity as more airlines differentiate their fares and


    “As my profits continue to be squeezed, I need to improve productivity”

  • Needs of travelers evolving

    “I want to be able to choose the channel to book and manage my booking”

    “I expect to be offered the best fares available however I choose to book”

    “I expect my booking channel to recognise my status however I book”

    “I get confused if an agent can’t see what I see from the”

    “I expect my travel agent to be an expert on all the fares and products available – whether I’m traveling

    for business or leisure”

  • Travelport’s engabling solution

    Branded Fares & Ancillaries

  • Driving value in the travel industry

    Travel commerce platform

    high value, real-time distribution


    Value to travel buyers

    Value to travel


    Online travel agencies

    Offline travel agencies

    Travel management companies


    Tour operators


    Leisure travelers

    Business travelers

    Tour operators



    Car Rental



  • Over 160 airline branded fares Estonian,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNGbHavvNdtQpF5oKPfr_ZYdDon-nw&ust=1457205895245669,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNGbHavvNdtQpF5oKPfr_ZYdDon-nw&ust=1457205895245669,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNFDRVR_NACL3b-WzFO4GRFwf6OEyA&ust=1460912963220266,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNFDRVR_NACL3b-WzFO4GRFwf6OEyA&ust=1460912963220266


    Interactive Merchandising Map

  • Branded Fares & Ancillaries


  • LHG @Travelport Roadshow

    Daniel Thal

    Junior Sales & Distribution Executive

    SWISS International Air Lines

    June, 2016

  • 1st Rich Content

    2nd LX News

    3rd LH/OS/SN News


  • Agenda

    1st Rich Content

    3rd LH/OS/SN News

    2nd LX News

  • Vision: Customers Want to Have More Choice

    • Customer Focus: Customers have different

    needs and preferences. “One size fits all” does

    not meet their individual wishes.

    • Innovation: We are enhancing our product

    portfolio with offers and services that are

    relevant to our customers.

  • Mission: Rich Content is Part of Our Strategy

    • Transparency: Therefore, our products needs

    to be displayed in the same transparent way on

    every relevant shelf.

    • Added Value: We want to make sure that

    customers understand our products and have

    the choice of paying only what they really need.

  • New ways of distribution allow for better product differentiation

  • New ways of distribution allow for better product differentiation

  • Agenda

    1st Rich Content

    2nd LX News

    3rd LH/OS/SN News

  • SWISS flying into the future with Bombardier C Series

  • SWISS is launch customer and first operator of 30 C Series

    as of

    2016 10x


    as of



    CS100 or


    as of

    2017 10x


  • 25% more hand baggage – stowage


    More daylight in the cabin – through the

    large windows, positioned closely together

    Innovative seat design – more comfortable,

    thinner and lighter

    Pleasant cabin ambience – thanks to low

    noise levels

  • We are the airline of Switzerland New aircrafts with more comfort for our guests

    Boeing 777

    file://[email protected]/DavWWWRoot/teamsites/KS/KS_All/KIMS/2016/Sales_Material/Boeing 777-300ER/B777-CS100-Loung Product Presentation/SWISS B777 TIMELAPSE_V15_FC1_720P_FACEBOOK.mp4 file://[email protected]/DavWWWRoot/teamsites/KS/KS_All/KIMS/2016/Sales_Material/Boeing 777-300ER/B777-CS100-Loung Product Presentation/SWISS B777 TIMELAPSE_V15_FC1_720P_FACEBOOK.mp4

  • as of 2016

    as of 2017/18

    6x Boeing 777

    3x Boeing 777

    SWISS will renew its fleet with nine Boeing 777 –

    a great investment into the „next generation airline of Switzerland“

  • Boeing 777 – predestined to serve long distance routes to the West coast of the USA and Asia



    Boeing 777-300ER only operated destinations



    Airbus A340/Boeing 777-300ER operated destinations

  • SWISS First: More privacy and individual discretion

  • SWISS Business: More privacy and personal space

  • SWISS Economy: More comfort and entertainment

  • New SWISS lounges: Lean back and relax Three SWISS Lounges in Dock E – spanning over 3,300 m2 in size

  • SWISS First lounge: e

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