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How Can Facebook’ Add a Link” Feature Be a Threat To Google? By WhiteRabbit InfoTech

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How Can Facebook’ Add a Link” Feature Be a Threat To Google?


Why Do Facebook Need “Add a Link Button?

Facebook Uses an Index of a Trillion plus posts to facilitate mobile sharing. It's often

difficult for Facebook's mobile users to search and share links from their devices.

Therefore, Facebook came up with a remedy the problem by offering

an "Add a Link" button to some iOS users' screens alongside the

options to share photos or location.

Facebook Says

"We're piloting a new way to add a link that's been shared on Facebook to your posts and comments."

How This “Add A Link “ Button Can help Users?

Users type a search term into a box and then can preview a link from a drop down menu. Results are

based on links and websites already popular within the Facebook app.

An Add a Link button could also pull advertising revenue away from Google in favor of Facebook's wealth of data and new plan to publish news content on site rather than linking back to the original site.

What Else Is New With Facebook?

In addition to adding a search feature, Facebook has also announced that it will now feature quick-loading editorial and video content directly from publishers like The New York Times and NBC New

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