the union in peril. conflict over status of territories wilmot proviso (1846) fails to ban slavery...

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The Union in Peril

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  • The Union in Peril

  • Conflict Over Status of TerritoriesWilmot Proviso (1846) fails to ban slavery from newly acquired Mexican territories Free Soil Movement PartyFound support from northern Democrats and WhigsDidnt demand end to slavery, only spread of slavery

  • Conflict Over Status of TerritoriesSouthern position: oppose abolitionists, Free Soilers, favor extending 3630 westwardPopular SovereigntyLewis Cass, Michigan Democrat let the people decide

  • Conflict Over Status of TerritoriesElection of 1848Democrats nominate Cass Whigs nominate Zachary TaylorFree-Soil Party nominates Martin Van BurenTaylor won because vote siphoned off by Free-Soil party in NY and PA

  • Conflict Over Status of TerritoriesElection of 1848Taylor won because vote siphoned off by Free-Soil party in NY and PA

  • The Compromise of 1850California joins as free stateUtah and New Mexico to join as territories, w/ popular sovereigntyBan slave trade in DC, but allow slavery thereAdopt new fugitive slave lawAll proposed initially by Henry Clay

  • The Compromise of 1850Daniel Webster speaks on behalf in order to preserve the UnionJohn C. Calhoun speaks against, insists on Southern territorial rights

  • The Compromise of 1850Millard Fillmore succeeds deceased Taylor, supports compromiseStephen A. Douglas gathers support for individual portions of plan

  • Agitation Over SlaveryFugitive Slave LawTrack down runaway slavesLack of rights for the accused

  • Agitation Over SlaveryUnderground Railroad

  • Agitation Over Slavery - LiteratureHarriet Beecher Stowes Uncle Toms Cabin

  • Agitation Over Slavery - LiteratureHinton R. Helpers nonfiction Impending Crisis of the South

  • Agitation Over Slavery - LiteratureSouthern responseSlavery positive for masters and slaves Sanctioned by the Bible, historyAttacks on northern wage slavesLiterature & laws polarized the sides

  • National Parties in CrisisElection of 1852Dems nominated doughface Franklin Pierce of New HampshireWhigs nominated Winfield Scott, ignored slaveryWhigs lose big time

  • National Parties in Crisis

  • Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854)Repeals Missouri CompromiseSome Northerners sees it as slave power conspiracy

  • The Republican PartyKnow-Nothings surge but failRepublican party forms (1854) as coalition of Free-Soilers, antislavery Whigs, dissatisfied DemocratsOppose extension of slavery

  • Election of 1856

  • Extremism & ViolenceBleeding Kansas Border Ruffians v. Free-State Warriors

  • Extremism & ViolenceCaning of Senator Sumner

  • Constitutional IssuesLecompton Constitution proslavery constitution of KansasDred Scott v. Sandford (1857)

  • Lincoln-Douglas DebatesStephen Douglas debates Abraham LincolnSlavery key issue

  • John Browns Raid

  • Election of 1860