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Branding with LinkedIn Using LinkedIn to create your company brand 7/9/13 Catherine Buck Morgan

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  • 1. Using LinkedIn to create your company brand 7/9/13Catherine Buck Morgan
  • 2. LinkedIn is the worlds largest professional network LinkedIn has more than 225 million registered users (May 2013) Using LinkedIn can: Increase your market reach Increase product awareness Generate leads Increase your company visibility across the web
  • 3. Your personal profile should be completely filled out Good headshot Headline Not just your title Summary - Keywords Experience Take advantage of LinkedIns options: Certifications Volunteering & Causes Organizations Projects Etc.
  • 4. Overview Products Services Updates Page Insights Follower Insights Employee Insights
  • 5. Who will be administrating the page? Administration includes: Posting updates Tracking insights Connecting with followers Refreshing and editing products and services Updating images, videos, etc. There can be more than one administrator Administrators must have a LinkedIn profile
  • 6. This section is the face of your company Cover image Logo Other images Offers (e-books, etc.) Summary Keywords LinkedIn will also post new hires here
  • 7. Identify the products and services your company offers Pull these from your website Briefly describe the service Include images Ask your clients to recommend your services They must have a LinkedIn profile to use LinkedIns recommendation feature Include video
  • 8. Posting updates regularly keeps your followers engaged. Post at least once a week. Examples: Market updates Industry trends What are you reading? What are you learning? Promote your blog Promote your services/sales
  • 9. Content is King Use news aggregators LinkedIns Influencer Alltop Industry websites Sign up for newsletters, or Subscribe to their feeds Create your own content E-books Blog Videos
  • 10. LinkedIn provides insights about: Followers Page Views and Unique Visitors Employees Use this information to: Connect with new followers Craft your updates Develop new leads
  • 11. You can do this in 10 minutes a day: Posting Monitoring Responding Analyzing You use these same techniques for Facebook, Google+, and Twitter when youre ready Creating your own content does take more time, but once created, it can be shared over and over
  • 12. Your profile will drive people to your company page Increase the number of connections you make to increase your business Employees have a big role to play in the success of the company
  • 13. Employees are part of your brand They should have LinkedIn profiles, too Employees should follow the company page Company updates will appear in their updates As an employee likes, comments on, or shares a company update, the updates will be shared with their connections This is the social part
  • 14. Feeling overwhelmed? What if you have questions later? We provide 2 hours of additional support as part of your training Call with questions Schedule a review My contact info: [email protected] 803-738-0066 Thank you!
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