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The Branson PM MOPS Newsletter for the month of march


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    Mission Control: Where Super Moms Get Their Ideas March 2010

    Where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them. Matthew 18:20

    A Strong Enough RopeA Strong Enough RopeA Strong Enough RopeA Strong Enough Rope "If one falls down, his friend can help

    him up. But pity the man who falls and

    has no one to help him up! ... Though

    one may be overpowered, two can

    defend themselves. A cord of three

    strands is not quickly broken." Eccle-

    siastes 4:10- 11 (NIV)

    I really hit the end of myself after 2 1/2

    miles. My breathing wasn't the prob-

    lem this time, but I my legs felt like

    lead. I gasped to my friend, "Rhonda,

    I've got to stop and walk." She re-

    minded me to stop thinking about this

    difficult run. I needed to focus on fin-

    ishing for my friend who had died from

    cancer and for my friend who had

    lived. Rhonda urged me to praise God

    for the use of my legs and the

    strength of my body. I turned my

    thoughts to Jesus and kept running.

    Even when I'm just walking through

    my daily routine, my focus often wan-

    ders. I can start off a morning with

    glorious prayer and Bible study only to

    become clouded over by noon with

    the demands of life. Paul tells us in 1

    Thessalonians 5:16-22 to "Be joyful

    always; pray continually; give thanks

    in all circumstances, for this is God's

    will for you in Christ Jesus." (NIV)

    During my race I pondered the inten-

    tional act of turning my full attention

    on God. Sometimes it takes a faithful

    friend to remind me.

    About a fourth of a mile later, I turned

    to Rhonda and pleaded, "I've got to

    stop and walk....REALLY this time!"

    She reminded me that Satan wants to

    steal, kill and destroy. This time he was

    after my dream of being able to com-

    plete a 5K run. Are you in the midst of a

    spiritual battle? Is Satan attacking your

    family, your job, your body or your

    mind? Grab a godly friend and pray! So

    many times I become unaware of my

    enemy as I become consumed by my

    circumstances. A good friend protects

    my back with hers as we face outward

    and swing our swords with the power of

    God's Word and His presence. We do

    have an enemy, but our God is stronger.

    My friend Rhonda reminded me of this

    fact as we ran onward.

    Homeowners in the neighborhood had

    turned on their hoses or were wielding

    super soakers to refresh the runners as

    we passed. Rhonda encouraged me to

    run through the streams. Toward the

    end when I began to despair of finishing,

    Rhonda looked up. "Did you feel that

    sudden breeze?" she asked. "God knew

    that you needed a cool breeze to be

    able to finish, and He sent it!" she re-

    joiced. I hadn't even noticed. I was

    bogged down in my own misery again,

    but I took notice of the breeze as she

    spoke and lifted my dragging feet a little

    higher. Thank goodness for friends who

    point out God's goodness!! Even in the

    darkest times, God sends His children

    glimmers of light if we are watching. The

    problem is the watching. We need

    friends to remind us of His promises

    like, "Never will I leave you; never will I

    forsake you" (Hebrews 13:5b).

    Inside this Issue:

    Strong Enough Rope~1

    Results Are In- 2

    Space Team - 2

    Upcoming Events-3

    Service Update~ 3

    Love & Logic~ 4

    Mentor Mailbag ~ 4

    Congratulations - 5

    MOPS Classifieds- 6

    Rocket Science ~ 7

    Bunco Night~ 8

    Easter Pics~ 9

    Planet Prom~ 10

    Prayer & Care~ 13

    Next Meeting~ 14

    Next Meeting Next Meeting Next Meeting Next Meeting

    March 9thMarch 9thMarch 9thMarch 9th

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    The Space Team Coordinators:

    Tennille Michel ~ 417.335.4807

    Mary Blackwood ~ 417.335.5437


    Meoldy Alms ~ 417.561.2602


    DeAnna Sheets ~ 417.880.9936

    Prayer & Care:

    Amy Wilhoit ~ 417.336.9822


    Service Coordinator:

    Teresa Boyd ~ 417.634.0381

    Craft Coordinator:

    Hollie Holderfield ~ 417.263.0484

    Small Group Coordinator:

    Kelly Skoglund ~ 404.819.6527


    Carolyn Loften ~ 417.336.5487


    Small Groups Leaders:

    Jordan Miller ~ 417.230.5072

    Sarah Matthews ~ 417.334.58.12

    Sara DeLawder ~ 417.230.2811

    Stacy McNeill ~ 417.336.1111

    Kara Swofford ~ 417.336.1937

    Maryann Riveros ~ 417.336.8706

    Vanessa Hogan ~ 417.335.3785

    Kathy Morgan ~ 417.339.4108

    The Results Are In. . . .

    MOPS Poll 2010

    This month we had 50 moms respond to our results are in sur-

    vey. Heres what they had to say!

    What is your job situation?

    Work from Home 2%

    Work Part Time 26%

    Work Full time 38%

    Full Time Mom 34%

    Favorite East Event

    Easter Egg Hunt 60%

    Decorating Egg 36%

    Sunrise Service 4%

    What kind of shopper are you?

    Coupon Clipper 24%

    Price match @ Wal-mart 22%

    Just Buy what I need 70%

    We were close to the finish line, but I just

    couldn't go any more. I took two walking

    steps and Rhonda immediately grabbed my

    arm. "Don't stop! We're almost there! Your

    husband and kids are waiting for you!"

    Even now when I had given up on myself,

    she wouldn't let me quit. I ran on toward the

    finish line and threw up my arms to praise

    Him as I finished. Sobs caught in my throat

    and erupted when I finally fell into my hus-

    band's arms. A former couch potato had

    finished the race!! The main lesson I had

    learned was clear. God created us for fel-

    lowship with Him and with others. I abso-

    lutely would not have finished the race

    without the encouragement, refreshment

    and prodding provided by my friend. It is

    the intertwining of our lives with God's and

    others that gives us a rope strong enough

    to sustain us through even the hardest


    ~Amy Carroll

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    Wouldnt Miss It For the World. . . . .Wouldnt Miss It For the World. . . . .Wouldnt Miss It For the World. . . . .Wouldnt Miss It For the World. . . . . March 6th~ Hollister Elementary School is having a school carnival from 1:00-5:00 pm. In-

    flatables from Monkey Moes, carnival booths, hot dog dinner, cake walk, popcorn, and raf-

    fles. Proceeds goes to Relay for Life.

    April 24th~ Womens Event from 9 am-3pm at Celebration City Purple Castle. Speaker:

    Beth Moore Simulcast

    Christian Church Downtown Thrift Store~ Easter egg items for $2-$3 worth checking out.

    Easter Express~ Kids from infant to 1st grade will have a blast hunting for Easter eggs, rid-

    ing on the Easter Express Train, visiting the baby chick petting zoo, playland, kiddie tattoos,

    donuts juice and more! This is a come and go event where the children rotate through the

    various activities available. We hope to see you there!

    Jennifer Storey, LMT

    417-239-4280 (cell)


    Service UpdateService UpdateService UpdateService Update

    Thanks to all the ladies who went to

    the Womens Crisis Center this past

    month. The women were so thank-

    ful for everything we are doing for

    them. We are right where God

    wants us to be blessing and being

    blessed by these women.

    Womens Crisis Center is still in

    need of cleaning supplies, baby

    items (bottles, sippie cups, blankets,

    bibs, etc.) toys.

    Next month Jordans and Maryanns

    Group will be going to the Womens

    Crisis Center on march 27th.

    Escape & Rejuvenate

    We offer a variety of therapeutic services

    to help you escape from stress and in-

    vigorate your spirit.

    Call us today to discuss our massage &

    spa services

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    Got a question for our

    mentors? E-mail

    DeAnna @ [email protected]

    Love and Logic Corner Lisa Phillips will answer one Love and Logic question each month. If you have a question for

    Lisa please email me at [email protected]

    This month Lisa is telling us all about chores with toddlers and preschoolers.

    Chores at this age will appear to more like daily tasks to complete. A visual of some kind to help

    the child recognize the goal for completing all of the responsibilities that his or hers can be help-

    ful. Place a picture of the task on a card and turn card over when each task is completed. You

    can even have a celebration when all cards are turned over each day.

    Try to use the word "chore" often when completing either your tasks or the tasks of the child.

    This trains the child that we have jobs to get completed.

    Some chores that are developmentally appropriate for 2-4 years old children would be:

    ~pick up toys

    ~brush teeth

    ~carry folded clothes and put on bed

    ~put dirty clothes in basket

    ~take a bath

    ~vacuum bedroom (then mom gets a turn)

    ~help with dusting

    My favorite way to train a 2-year old child to pick up toys is as follows. You start with teaching the

    child to pick up the toys by modeling for them and handing them toys to pick up and put in the

    box. If your child is not responding, try th