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  • 1. 1 year old 11 months 2 months3 months 4 months 5 months 6 months 7 months 8 months 9 months 10 months 1 month

2. Good Better 3. 4. 5. *The rule of thirds 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

  • Make sure you arent the one that is always behind the camera!!
  • Be sensitive to the person that always takes pictures and offer to take theirs!
  • Dont take pictures just of your child/children.This is probably your interest but one day they will want to see pictures of you and other members of the family!
  • Once your child is around 3-4 years of age allow them to take pictures with the camera to see their perspective.

12. *Know your familys happy time when scheduling your appointment *Bring snacks and drinks for kiddos *Bring any special objects your child might be attached to, both for photographing and for the photographer to use to get smiles. *If you are having family pictures made, ask a friend or family member that knows your children to come with you to help get younger children to smile and look at the camera *Dont stress if your child is not cooperating.They feed off that and it makes it stressful for everyone- Let your child be boss.*If you have ideas or poses you really want, dont hesitate to tell the photographer! 13. Here are a few tips when trying to decide what to wear: *Solid colors work best for group pictures *Try to steer clear of busy patterns (i.e. flowers, stripes and especially small plaids) *Wear something that matches your style you are trying to portray (i.e. elegant, playful, grunge, country etc.)