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Page 1: 2021 KRXO Media Kit
Page 2: 2021 KRXO Media Kit

Owner: Tyler Media Group

Call Letters: KRXO

Frequency: 104.5 FM

Format: Classic Rock

Target Audience: Men 25-54 & At-Work Listening

Programming: Oklahoma City’s only TRUE Classic Rock radio station. KRXOdominates the Classic Rock listening landscape by playingthe artists and songs our audience grew up with.

Rocking Oklahoma for over 25 years!AC/DC • Aerosmith • Boston • Def Leppard • Eagles • ZZ Top • Rolling Stones

Jimi Hendrix • Led Zeppelin • Steve Miller Band • Tom Petty • Van Halen


6am - 10am Jerry RamseyYour

Favorite Classic Rock…



10am - 2pm Rick Caldwell

2pm - 7pm Buddy Wiley

7pm - Mid Classic Rock

Mid - 5am Classic Rock

Page 3: 2021 KRXO Media Kit

Jerie Lawrence • Traffic Coordinator • 405.429.5033 • [email protected]

Richard Connor • Production Director • 405.507.4127 • [email protected]

Cayla Hendrickson • Controller • 405.429.5027 • [email protected]

Kyle Muzny • Director of Sales • 405.507.4192 • [email protected]

Carley Corwin • Local Sales Manager • 405.507.4154 • [email protected]

At Your Service…

Page 4: 2021 KRXO Media Kit

Rick Caldwell: In radio since Reagan was president and, at KRXO sinceBush the first, I have honed my Classic Rock chops by not only listening to,but also by studying the music and artists that mean so much to ‘our music.’I love live music and have seen just about every classic rocker to comedown the ‘pike.

It’s great chatting on the airwaves on KRXO, and playing the Classic Rock Igrew up listening to.

Buddy Wiley: A proud Texan by birth, but adopted the “Land of the Crimsonand Cream” and the “Orange and Black” back in the summer of ’99, and haslived in Oklahoma ever since.

Love football, rock and roll music, trucks, southern women (especially mywife!!!), and spicy BBQ. Have gotten used to the red dirt, but don’t know if I’llever adjust to the 3.2 beer.