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Strategically located midway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the United ArabEmirates, the Khalia Port and IndustrialZone (KPIZ) will be a mega-scaleindustrial zone and multi-purpose portwith a special economic zone dedicatedto industrial, logistics, commercial,educational and residential acilities. This world-class project, developed by Abu Dhabi Ports Company, is propelling

economic expansion and diversifcationor the region. The Khalia Industrial Zone will be ahome base or a range o manuacturing,logistics and industrial activities. ADPCwill establish a world-class inrastructureor these industrial activities. Inconjunction with the private sector, ADPC will develop real estate andbusiness services to spur economicgrowth and social development.Phase 1 of the Khalifa Industrial Zone area will 

extend across 137km. 2


KPIZ industry clusters comprise theollowing sectors: base metals, heavymachinery, vehicle assembly, chemicals,and petrochemicals, building materials,processed oods, light manuacturing,

trade & logistics, oil & gas equipment,inormation & communicationstechnology equipment and alternativeenergy, among others.

Khalia Industrial



First phase area: 137km2

Phased development o - Basic infrastructure and utility networks

- High, medium & low impact industry zones

- Residentia l, commercial and educational zones

 A wide range o industrial and 

economic activities, along with

commercial, retail, recreational 

 and residential areas will create a vibrant port city and 

thriving industrial zone.

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Strategic Location.Industrial Gateway.

Khalia Port will be a state-o-the-art,efcient gateway or import and export.Ideally situated between two majorcities and two major airports, theKhalia Port will be linked by a nationwide reight rail line, excellent highwaysystems and roadways and utilitydistribution networks. The port will receive all ship sizes,including the largest container ships and

bulk vessels. Thoroughly extensible, itwill be able to accommodate even largervessel sizes, as they are manuactured. The Khalia Port will accommodatea wide range o cargo, includingcontainers, break bulk, liquid and drybulk cargos; it will also eature state-o-the-art unloading and storage acilities.Mandated along a fve stage phaseddevelopment approach, the Khalia Portis expected to start early operation bythe end o 2010.




• Oshore multi-cargo port acilities• Phased development o Port Island,

 Approach Channel and Causewayto Industrial Zone

• Dredging work has begun• Early operation by end o 2010• Close proximity to Abu Dhabi

and Jebel Ali International Airports

 Khalia Port will work in

tandem with Jebel Ali port 

 in Dubai, orming a single

 megaport and transport hub.

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Khalia Industrial Zone will be dividedinto distinct clusters, each providingappropriate inrastructures and servicesneeded to support the activitiesin the zone.

Industrial Zones World-Class. World-Scale.

 This zone will be tailored to highimpact industry such as smelters,concrete production, heavy machinery

manuacture, chemical & petrochemicalplants, pulp & paper mills and oodprocessing.

Heavy Industry

Impact Zones

Located between residential andhigh impact industry areas, thiszone is dedicated to less impactulindustries such as light manuacturing,ood packaging & processing, glassmanuacture and vehicle assembly.

Low to Medium

Industry Impact Zones

 This zone ocuses on technological

industry such as electrical components,alternative energy, incubator acilitiesand research acilities.

High Technology Zones

Retail showrooms, ofce parks, hotels,leisure acilities, shopping, servicecentres and leisure activities enhancethe community or residents, sta andvisitors.

Commercial Zones

 Two vibrant residential communitiesprovide a dynamic home or peopleworking in the KPIZ region: New Townand Workers City. Both residentialdistricts provide all o the necessaryrequirements or an enriched lie,including educational and recreationalacilities, mosques, shopping andemergency resources.

Residential Zones

One highlight o the industrial zone is the presence o the world’s largest 

 single-site aluminium smelter, Emirates Aluminium (EMAL). Already under 

construction, the smelter will produce a capacity o up to 1.4 tons o aluminium

 per year. EMAL will deliver collective benefts to both the port and companies

operating within the industrial zone.

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