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Influencer Marketing Using Brandwatch to identify influencers

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London Brandwatch Masterclass Session, 3 October 2014


  • 1. Influencer Marketing Using Brandwatch to identify influencers
  • 2. We will cover. Researching your influencers to inform your query. Writing your query to capture the right mentions. Identifying the influencers in the data you have gathered.
  • 3. Researching your influencers Everything good in Brandwatch always starts with the right query The right query needs to be informed by the right research The research needs to inform you of what language your influencers are using
  • 4. Researching your influencers Use all of the information available to you Make sure you take into account the all of the factors that are relevant to your campaign Make sure that the influencers you are targeting are the ones that you want to reach
  • 5. Writing your query Once you have identified influencers and their language, you can start writing your query Make sure you take into account what you dont want it to pick up as much as what you do Language can be ambiguous! You can save yourself a lot of time at the next stage by putting some legwork in now
  • 6. Writing your query Simple is best never overcomplicate things However make sure you try to exclude anything you know you dont need Check your data regularly at first to make sure your query works as expected
  • 7. Identifying Influencers Once you are happy your query is working as intended you can let it gather data How long you leave it for depends on how Once you are happy with what you have collected you can start to analyse
  • 8. Identifying Influencers Make sure you use the filters to their full extent Size of following doesnt always reflect quality of following Make sure you use your learnings on follow up campaigns
  • 9. Thank you!