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SnapChat Business Guide By Tony Shap

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Here is a quick SnapChat business guide. Use these simple tips to get more traction on SnapChat. Taco Bell uses SnapChat and they are killing it.


  • SnapChat Business Guide ByTony Shap
  • SnapChat Business Guide 2 Youve been hearing whispers of opportunity and SnapChat Business Guide Now youre finally To get your business board out and ride the new wave of technology with SnapChat.
  • This steadily growing social media platform is a great place to establish your brand. 3SnapChat Business Guide Just follow This simple guide to get you surfing in the right direction
  • 4SnapChat Business Guide Its GNARLY, dude.
  • First and foremost, before your brand can ride the Snapchat wave, you need to actually be on there. 5SnapChat Business Guide So, start by setting up a SnapChat account for your business. Start AtThe Beginning
  • 6SnapChat Business Guide Make sure you take the time to fill out the profile in its entirety, because in this case, youre not going for mysterious. You want your fans to know you
  • 7SnapChat Business Guide Whats the best way to start fleshing out your SnapChat following? Give A Shout Out!
  • Give A Shout Out! 8 Announce your new presence across your other social media platforms. SnapChat Business Guide That means you need to get the word out on all of your accounts every single one of them.
  • 9SnapChat Business Guide Let your customers know where you are THEYLL COME ALONG FOR THE RIDE
  • Once your clients are with you on SnapChat, you want to give them a great reason to stick around. 10SnapChat Business Guide Put Out A Reward Offer some kind of Promotion, Contest, or Reward that can only be achieved by following you on SnapChat.
  • 11SnapChat Business Guide Those elite and faithful friends of your business will thank you
  • This is probably one of the most important items, and its my specialty 12SnapChat Business Guide Start Sharing, Baby If you dont put the time into being creative with your clients, theyll leave you for a new love. SO LISTEN UP CLOSE
  • 13SnapChat Business Guide Make it exciting and please make it as personal as possible You want them to be your friends, not just a number.
  • Once Upon ATime 14 Make sure that you use the My Story feature. SnapChat Business Guide Use this feature to do exactly thatgive them a story that gives them value and theyll give you their loyalty. Its a great way to reach all of your audience at one time, or even to select specific recipients of your message, targeting them and winning their trust.
  • 15SnapChat Business Guide Youll learn how to better maneuver your business in our modern society and gain a following that will boost your brand to the top By following these five tips for your business
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