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2. Two purposes Listening (collecting data) Energizing (curate and deliver content) Push/Pull 3. Basics Your personal PR campaign Project expertise Stay top-of-mind Asymmetric communication Opposite facebook, its not about who you know but who you doesnt know yet The 80/20 rule: Twitter is about giving four times as much as you receive Sharing is caring 4. Listening Business Intelligence Collect data to identify new market trends and tendencies. Who should I follow? Your networks network Search on hashtags This creates a lively time line (maybe to lively) Then create a list Customized feed Notifications Keywords (Tweetdeck) 5. Energizing Enable your audience and prospects to carry on you message by: New from your industry Tips & tools Links to your blogs or other bloggers What you are doing right now? Two important points What is your expertise (PR/Branding) What is your audience interested in? Invite people in your network to your lists Or re-tweet from other peoples list Plan your tweets way aheadn Tweetdeck Hootsuite 6. Tips & Tricks 7. Tweet Tips @ When using @ it will only be projected at peoples timeline who is following both you and the people you are tweeting to This is of course the way to do it if its only relevant to your shared network. BUT If you instead write something in front of the @, then all your followers will se your tweet and who you are tweeting to This promotes your whereabouts, skills and areas of expertise to a much greater extend, and could enhance your total amount of followers Furthermore the persons you are communicating with are in scope of getting more followers as well. 8. Tweet tips # Hashtags (#) are used for grouping tweets/conversations. When using a # everybody can search for the exact criteria and find out who is talking about the subject or topic in matter. One or more #s in your tweets will help to promote you as a thought leader on the specific and #ed subject. This will create a greater online presence and is likely to give you more followers among peers. Try to include @ and # as much as possible, and also several in every tweet. And if possible, pictures, links, infographics etc. This is actually one of the filtering criterias when using lists.