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In the era of Social Dominance how Paid and Organic Impressions makes an impact on your brands. Understand the dynamics and outcome of the Organic and Paid Social impressions for your brand’s Social Reach. Learn what parameters top measure in Paid and Organic Data/Media. How, Where and Why to spend? For Organic Social Impressions vs Paid Social Impressions: 1) Opportunities with Paid Media on Social on different platforms 2) Opportunities to increase brand asset engagement without Media spends 3) How and Where to spend and why? 4) Building your Social Strategy with Media and Without Media 5) What Parameters to Focus on on Social – Organic VS Paid Media 6) Impact of Paid Media Impressions to brands 7) Use of Organic Data for analysis 8) Different channels – Different devices – Various Module of Paid vs Organic Media.



2. KARAM FLORASocial Media Strategist - KRD[email protected] Flora is the Social Media Strategist at KRDS, a leading Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer.Based out of new Delhi, India. Karam Flora is a Commerce graduate from Delhi University and expert inmaking Strategies and conceptualizing the innovating Social media campaign. With in-depth experience inhandling communication in the social media platforms, he has helped many brands define and achieve theirobjectives. In a span of 5 years, Karam has done over 70+ campaigns on Social Media for the brands likeadidas, Air France, BMW, Expedia, GAIL, Adobe, Philips, Reebok, Kellogg's, Kent RO, BlackberrysMenswear, Microsoft, Citrix, Bose , IBM, Citibank, Metoffice UK etcORGANIC SOCIAL IMPRESSIONS VS PAID SOCIAL IMPRESSIONS BY KRDS 3. OrganicImpressionsThe number of times yourcontent was displayed in ausers News Feed, ticker, or onyour page.ORGANIC SOCIAL IMPRESSIONS VS PAID SOCIAL IMPRESSIONS BY KRDSPaidImpressionsThe number of timesyour paid content wasdisplayed. 4. Paid Impressions Top Choice Organic Impressions Top ChoiceORGANIC SOCIAL IMPRESSIONS VS PAID SOCIAL IMPRESSIONS BY KRDS 5. Impact of Paid & Organic Impression on SocialORGANIC SOCIAL IMPRESSIONS VS PAID SOCIAL IMPRESSIONS BY KRDS10%Brand Recall4%Awareness2%Purchase intent4%Brand Recall1.6%Awareness0.3%Purchase intentOrganic Paid 6. What Parameters to Focus on Social Organic VS Paid Media Reach CTA Crowd Source Copy Score Performance of Creative Desktop or Mobile ROI on different ad unit typePaidMedia Impressions Reach to Fans/Non Fans Performance of content type Length of the content User Engagement on content Brand ROI People ReachedOrganicORGANIC SOCIAL IMPRESSIONS VS PAID SOCIAL IMPRESSIONS BY KRDS 7. Why should I focus on both mediumPaid media were 30% to60% more likely to reachFacebook users whohave liked 100 or fewerpages28% likely to reach userswho hadnt posted statusupdates in the past 28days.Organic media is moreeffective in reachingheavier Facebook users &Twitter usersOrganic content reachesto 15% of its audience inthe 3 hour of postingUsers reached via paidmedia were more likely toshop and purchase goodsand services thanaverage Facebook users.Unpaid status updateposts averaged five timesmore organic impressionsthan any other unpaidpost type.ORGANIC SOCIAL IMPRESSIONS VS PAID SOCIAL IMPRESSIONS BY KRDSMore than 51 percent oftotal campaignengagement was onmobile via paid media.Organically Photo and linkposts had among the bestclick-through rates, at0.07% and 0.06%,respectivelyIn terms of paid media,video posts received a 36percent viral boost,and offers saw a 23percent gain. 8. Organic Reach & EngagementORGANIC SOCIAL IMPRESSIONS VS PAID SOCIAL IMPRESSIONS BY KRDS 9. Engagement of types ofcontentORGANIC SOCIAL IMPRESSIONS VS PAID SOCIAL IMPRESSIONS BY KRDS 10. Next level of Precise Targeting via Paid MediaCustomAudienceORGANIC SOCIAL IMPRESSIONS VS PAID SOCIAL IMPRESSIONS BY KRDSOSPaid2G/3GCompetitorsPartnerProgram 11. Success for OrganicImpression on SocialORGANIC SOCIAL IMPRESSIONS VS PAID SOCIAL IMPRESSIONS BY KRDS Post on timeaccording to FBanalyzed timealso your contenthas to be fresh Be quirky in yourcontent and showthe young &wackiest side ofthe brand Make yourcontent moreprecise and giveinsight news withgood creative Make a good mixof your contenttype with relevantcreatives & videoto supportPlanSmartlyContentAffinityBequirky 12. Success for PaidImpression on SocialORGANIC SOCIAL IMPRESSIONS VS PAID SOCIAL IMPRESSIONS BY KRDS Use the targeting of theads smartly and test yourcampaign with smallbudgets first. Try and make mutiple adcampaigns with differentage group, interest groupthis will help inunderstanding youraudience in better way Use the CTA to your adssmartly. Try not to divertthe traffic outside FB orplatform. Set the right expectationfrom your campaigns. Fore.g if it doesnt meet myfirst objective it shouldmeet my second objectiveRightFocusCTAInterestA/BTesting 13.