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1 Event Marketing Masterclass Katie McPhee | @britelondon | December 2014

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Event Marketing Masterclass

Katie McPhee | @britelondon | December 2014Temperature check [Slido?] -how many people in the room are event organisers? -How many people are thinking of planning an event?-How many people in the room are running some other kind of non-event related startup?On the agenda today:The theory:What is Eventbrite?Setting up your event (for success)Tools to promote and spread the wordUsing data to sell ticketsAnd in practice:Four final tips to boost your event marketing

What is Eventbrite?

Create, promote and sell tickets for any event imaginableFounded in 2008 by Kevin and Julia HartzBased on SF with office in London and marketing managers around the country3And a place of event discovery

People visit Eventbrite all the time to find great things to do in their city4concertsclass reunionfestivalblock partyhikingpoliticsturkey trotdancetrainingwine tastingtheatervolunteeringmarathonpoetrylive musicarts & craftsfashionfun runracefundraiserhikingcomedycar rallynetworkingsummitsparadesexpeditionsdatingtea partydesign

A little bit about Eventbrite And were a website that allows anyone to create, promote and sell tickets for any kind of event as well as discover events going on close by.

Eventbrite was founded in 2006 in San Francisco by Kevin & Julia Hartz.

At that time, only stadiums, festivals and concerts were ticketed events there was no solution to help the smaller events promote themselves and sell tickets online so Eventbrite was created to enable small businesses to do just that and today youll find everything from dance to arts and crafts seminars fashion and networking events on our website zs well as the large scale events youd expect to find on a regular ticketing5As an event organiser, how can Eventbrite help me? Makes your job a lot easier!Increase awareness of eventCollect data for attendeesCollect payment in advanceSend invitationsSeamless communication with attendees24/7 customer support

Ticket Types


7Event Privacy

Select categories carefully.12 million visitors per month8Create a customised event page

Custom HTML to create great looking pages & white label them per your branding9Collect Attendee Information

Consider which details you need - & which you dontSuper important to build customer database who you can connect with on your next event10Ask Custom Questions

Dietary info / mailing list / t-shirt sizeSuch as can I Add you to my mailing list?Or, if a food event, Dietary requirements11Event Dashboard

This is your event HQ!Event dashbard is headquarters for your event Quick glance, see gross ticket sales, how ticket sales are trending, page views12Promo Codes

Use for VIPs; press; friends and familyDiscount % Great for VIPs, press, newsletter subscribers, social media promotionsCan also upload membership numbers

13Send Email Invitations

Social integrations

Turns attendees into your biggest promoters15Promotional Chart

Learn how people are finding your event. (you might be surprised)Tracking Links

Event partners are essential. But which are the most useful?Managing Waitlists

~> A good problem to have!Email updates to attendees

Event updates; joining informationCommunicating with attendees made easyChanges to events, postpone, cancellation, weather, parking, etc.On-brand with fonts, pictures, logos, etc.

19Entry Manager

Check-in guests using an iPhone, Android or iPadEvent Reports

Analyse trends and buying patternsSocial Stream

Collates images and tweets on the hashtag; helps promote the next eventSurvey Monkey

Discover what attendees *really* thought!

4In practice: 4 Event Marketing Tips

Modernise email marketingMaximise event contentBuild a community of event partnersCreate a consistent and unmistakable brand

1. Modernise email marketing

But looking to 2015 and changes to email being planned by big providers - email - Email Marketings about to get more visual - As anyone who uses Gmail will have seen - the promotions tab categorises all promotional emails - and they recently announced the trial of Grid View.-Which will transform how your inbox looks from this -

Always have a call to actionKnow your audience and segment accordinglyOffer value - be it a giveaway, an offer, or important newsBe strategic and set goalsInclude images

1. Modernise email marketingAnd on your email marketing message content itself - the basic rules still apply.

>Always have a call to action>Know your audience and segment accordingly>Offer value - be it a giveaway, and offer, or highlight important news>Be strategic and set goals. Effective email marketing is highly tracked and analysed. Understand how youll measure success - open rate? click through/ list growth? Experiment and keep track of what youre doing.> Include images. Besides the upcoming changes to gmail, including an images leads to a 42% increase in click through rate!

2. Maximise event content Maximise the content creation opportunities events offer.E.g. for your blog / PR / social. And photos!Or if its your first event - how about the following tools:DeathToStockPhoto- All the more important to use photography if your event is a little unusual as its essential to create intrigue and sell tickets.

2. Maximise event contentBrite Space recap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHFWeHIkVLs

3. Build a community of event partnersBuild a community of event partners. Onboarding the right partners will help amplify your message and spread brand awareness - and sell tickets

Startup Grind is one of our conference organisers in London The organizer is really passionate about creating events that create value - and is one of the most effective organizers I know in setting up hardworking partnerships; And his partners range from iconic venues - to interesting keynote speakers; well known moderators and high profile sponsors. All because hes learned how best to promote his event to specific partners - drawing out the benefits that hell know theyll value.

But as event organizers well all experience the vanity partner at some time or another. That partner we were so excited to get on board - but that dont end up carrying out their end of the deal, probably because they dont understand your brand - and so this ultimately drains from the value of the event.

The right event marketing partnerships will help enhance your event because they have a solid understanding of your brand, goals and will likely have a community who matches your target profiles.

Managing your festival brand

4. Create a consistent and unmistakeable brand Create a consistent and unmistakable brandThat appears wherever your event shows up.- Depending on your budget you can get a logo created for less than 50 Euros via sites like Fiver + Elance- If you want a website but your budget is constrained, plenty of sites like Wicks and Wordpress offer easily customizable web site templates that you can direct to your website URL- 4. Create a consistent and unmistakeable brand

But if its events youre running and you dont feel technically competent your Eventbrite organizer page can be customized and act as the web portal for your events, replacing the need for a website- The pages can be heavily customized to match your branding, and embedded with the content we spoke about earlier


Thanks for listening!Katie McPhee @britelondon