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  • TENBY SCHOOLS IPOHNewsletter #124 - October 2016

    Highlights in this newsletter:

    Message from Campus Principal

    Broadening of CCA Programmes

    Update on Engage Parent Portal

    Charity Auction

    Sharpened Word

    Updated CCA Schedule

  • From the Campus Principal Jane Kuok

    Dear Parents and Tenby Community,

    A few days ago, it was reported in the newspapers that government schools will have a three day weekend holiday for Deepavali. Please note that the Tenby Schools Group will not follow this and our schools will resume as planned on Monday 31st October.

    Council of International Schools (CIS) Membership VisitCIS is a global non-profit membership organisation that provides services to primary and second-ary schools, higher education institutions and individuals that share these ideals: a desire to provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to pursue their lives as global citizens; and a commitment to high quality international education.

    To achieve this goal, CIS members must infuse their programmes and offerings with international and intercultural perspective so that students can move forward with the attitudes and under-standing that will provide them with a solid base wherever their studies or work may take them. Primary and secondary school members must further commit to undertaking an ongoing external quality assurance process to enhance student learning.

    The CIS community includes 711 schools and 512 colleges and universities representing 112 countries.

    The School is applying for CIS Membership so that we may adopt this model of continuous school improvement. We look forward to welcoming Dr. William (Bill) Parker, CIS School Support & Evaluation Officer on Wednesday 2nd November and Thursday 3rd November to the School. He will get a chance to meet with students, staff and parents as well as visit classrooms to see what learning is like at Tenby Ipoh.

    Deepavali Assembly and Traditional Dress Up DayMeru Campus will hold its Deepavali Assembly on Friday 21st October and TEYCI will hold their Deepavali Assembly on Thursday 20th October. We invite the entire community to embrace our school cultural events by dressing up. Our Vision is about celebrating with one another, our similarities and our differences.

    These celebrations are in line with our Vision United World At Peace Through Education as we encourage our students to celebrate and appreciate the different festivities in Malaysia and around the world.

    Fire Drill Walk ThroughWe did a walk through evacuation to the School Field this morning. It was the fastest that the School have ever evacuated the buildings and we are happy to report that it was a huge improvement from previous practices and in line with health & safety expectations.

  • SAFE STEPS Road Safety Awareness Programme During last months campaign on Pedestrian Safety, the Primary school launched a poem/rap competition and the winners are Annika Enriquez (Y5T), Rajeev Anil (Y5E), Chai Jocelyn (Y5N), Sydnee Chong Shue Yi (Std. 3T), Bryan Goh (Std. 6) and Nur Diya Sabrina (Std. 3 E). Congratulations to the winners.

    Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) (Contributed by Mr. Doug Foo: Head of Student Affairs)We are looking into broadening the CCA programmes for next term and would like to invite you to share your ideas. Here are some of the ideas that we have.

    First of all, we are looking at the possibility of offering morning practice sessions for school teams. There will also be Lunch Time Clubs next term which include compulsory physical training and team training for children in the school teams. Some examples of Lunch Time Club activities are art, music, board games. Any CCA that involves physical training will start at the beginning of lunch time so that students work out first then eat. For students who join other clubs they can eat first then proceed to their Lunch Time Club.

    Besides this, there will be changes to after school CCAs next term. New games like volleyball, rugby, handball, gymnastics, cheerleading and non-contact Muay Thai are some of the sports that we are looking into adding to our current CCAs programme. We aim to develop more school teams in future.

    The Track & Field CCA will be split into two days owing to the large number of students we have at the moment. Yoga/pilates, aerobics or Zumba could also be added into the programme. Further to this, we would introduce a variety of games into the primary PE curriculum and hopefully it will encourage more primary students to join the games in CCA.Student have also indicated their interest in foreign language CCAs such as Japanese, Korean, German and Spanish. In addition, we would also like to expand the variety of cultural, community service or self-exploration related CCAs. Parents who are able and willing to support these CCAs are welcome to discuss with us.

    Textiles / cookery CCA may be an option in future when we have the facility in place as health and safety of students are always on top of our priority.

    Last but not the least, E-sports has also been quite popular with students but we must ensure the content is appropriate for all before we decide on its provision.

    Please note that the proposed CCAs are subject to the availability of a facility, member of staff or parent who can run it next term. Should there be a need hire an external coach/facilitator, there will be added costs. There will be charges for clubs that required extra materials weekly for example Science or Art Club.

    Once the CCA programmes are in place, we will share them with parents. If you have any ideas or would like to offer to run a programme, particularly in the areas we would like to expand, please contact Mr. Foo via e-mail for more information: [email protected]

  • Engage Parent Portal (contributed by Mr. Daniel Centeno: Deputy Head, TIS Secondary & ENGAGE Cham-pion)To improve communication between the school and the parents, the school has invested in a School Management System known as ENGAGE.

    The Parent Portal enables the parent or guardian to monitor upcoming events, school messages and school Newsletters from home.

    Parent Portal features include: Access to vital information on your child to ensure it correct for an emergency. Ability to view pupil and student timetables and attendance record. View events and post notices directly to the school administration. View the school calendar, letters and important notices for your child.

    The launch date will be the 30th October 2016 for the ENGAGE Parent Portal to become live. In the next Newslet-ter I will detail how to access the portal and how to check your childs personal information on the portal.

    The aim of the portal is to strengthen the partnership between parents and school to improve the outcomes for all the pupils at Tenby Schools.

    Cognitive Abilities Test 4 (CAT4) AssessmentNext week, students from Year 4, Year 7 and new students in Year 10 will be taking their CAT4 assessment. This is a test that cannot be prepped and will give the School key information on guiding your son/daughters learning needs and identify their potential. We will share the results of this test with you. This tests will happen during the course of the usual school day, so it is important to ensure your child attends school every day next week. Sekolah Tenby students(Std 3, Std 6, and Form 3) will be taking this assessment after the mid-term break.We will keep parents updated. Lost PropertyThere has been many incidents of students leaving their books, PE kit, lab coats, tupper-ware, water bottles and shoes around the school. As with any school, the storage of lost property is always an issue. Often items that are lost are dirty/used and keeping the items breeds germs. Therefore, in a bid to keep lost property to the minimum, we would like to ask parents to ensure that all items belonging to students are labelled with their childs name and class. In this way, named items can be returned. Items that are not labelled will either be recycled or disposed of on a weekly basis (every Friday) Any valuable items (not encour-aged) that are found will be kept in Reception. As there has been a build up of many items from the start of this term, we will display all lost items next week for them to be claimed. Thereafter, they will be disposed of or recycled.

  • Open DayOur school will have an Open Day on Saturday 15th October from 09:00hrs to 14:00hrs. Some students will be coming in to school to participate in activities planned for the day including prefects who will be tasked to take visitors on a school tour.

    Canteen and New LayoutWe have trialled the new Canteen layout for a week now and we are pleased to report that the flow is much smoother and students are able to purchase their food in a timely manner allowing them sufficient time to finish their food.

    The school has also recently asked for feedback from students about the Canteen. We have forwarded the students feedback to the Canteen operators and will meet with them to discuss the feedback as well as other Canteen related matters next week. Some students and Parent Association members have also been invited attend this meeting so that it will be more representative of the community.

    American Maths Olympiad

    Students who have enrolled for the Maths Olympiad, please take note that it will be held on Wednesday 12th October. Please ensure you bring 2B pencils, eraser and a ruler. Calculators are not allowed. Further details as below:

    Primary (Time: 14:45hrs - 16:30hrs)

    Room Year GroupsB-2-3 Year 3, Year 4, Std 2 & Std 3B-1-7 Year 5, Year 6 , Std 4 & Std 5

    Secondary (Time: 15:15hrs - 17:00hrs)

    Room Year GroupsD-3-8 All secondary students

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